God’s Timing

It was time this past March to finally let go of it that old winter coat. I had bought it several years before and was using duct tape on the tears in it. It had duct tape on more than one spot. The zipper did not work so well anymore either. So last March, I finally threw it out with the garbage.

Photo by Alexey Makhinko on Pexels.com

Yesterday it was finally time to get a new winter coat, but what is a person to do when it is Christmas shopping time and the stores are busy. I did what any sensible shopping adverse person would do. I went on Amazon and ordered a winter coat. It will arrive on Friday just in time for the cold weather to come. So far I have been just fine with my hooded sweatshirt, but the temps that are supposed to be coming a coat will be needed.

Finally time makes me think of the phrase in the bible-in the fullness of time. in Galatian 4:4-5:

But when the fullness of the time had come, God sent forth His Son, born of a woman, born under the law,  to redeem those who were under the law, that we might receive the adoption as sons.

Jesus was born into his earthly life in the fullness of time. He was born at just the right time. God’s timing is not the same as our timing. If I had to choose a time to come, it would have been the modern world with all of its conveniences not 2,000 years ago when life was rough. But in God’s timing, 2,000 years ago was perfect timing for Jesus to be born into this life.

It can be encouraging to remember God has his perfect timing when we pray. Sometimes what we pray for is delayed, but then we need to trust that God sees the whole picture, so he knows what is best.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

16 thoughts on “God’s Timing

  1. Beautiful! Not our timing, for sure, but thinking about how long God had waited, you can almost hear Him saying, “It’s finally time.” Lovely post, Matt, and I hope you stay warm until the new coat arrives. 🙏

  2. That’s so true. We don’t choose the time we were born.
    Just like me I wished a certain date was my Birthday bcos of its significance. Dates in double like 11th or 22nd if a Month has 33rd I coulda wished for it.

  3. Amen! God’s timing blesses us with His perfect sense of things to come. He asks us to trust Him with hope yet to come. Matt, enjoy the blessing of your winter coat. I finally had to rediscover mine which was waiting patiently in the closet.

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