Their First Christmas in America-My Ukrainian Friends

How life has changed for my Ukrainian friends. Two years ago life went on as normal with no clue as to what would happen a few years later. Last year at this time, there were perhaps murmurs of Russia invading. Now here we are ten months after Russia invaded. In fact on Christmas Eve, it will be ten months to the day.

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One year ago, my Ukrainian friends had no idea they would be celebrating Christmas in a new country as refugees. Yesterday afternoon I used bible gateway on the projector to have one person read in Ukrainian from Matthew 2:13-15 about the angel warning Joseph to take Mary and Baby Jesus and flee to Egypt.

Then I used Google Translate to share with them the thought that Jesus was a refugee as a young child, so he understands how they feel. I shared with them that Jesus being a refugee is part of the Christmas story.

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This is their first Christmas in America. I am sure if they had their choice it would be for Ukraine to have never been invaded and their lives be safe in Ukraine, but sadly that is not their reality. They are fortunate to have a good church full of Ukrainian speakers to help them.

The Ukrainian church I am partnering with to provide English classes for them is having some special Christmas programs in Ukrainian. So they will have that blessing this Christmas.

Please pray for my Ukrainian friends during these weeks of holiday celebrations and for me as I serve them and seek to help them.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

19 thoughts on “Their First Christmas in America-My Ukrainian Friends

  1. My prayers are with our transplanted Ukrainian brothers and sisters in Christ. Thank you for faithfully serving them in Jesus’ name, brother Matt.

    Is there a conclusion to the violin story? I hope you’ve been able to raise the needed funds to purchase it for the young Ukrainian woman.

    God’s best to you, brother.

  2. I will absolutely join you in prayer. I cannot even imagine what they’ve been through. What a beautiful parallel of truth you shared~Jesus being a refugee. Thank you for all you do, Matt, to spread the love and goodness of Christ! Merry Christmas brother!

    1. I agree with K. L. After what they’ve surely been through, it’s most beautiful that you relayed that part of the story. And how thankful I am for people like you who make these folks know they’re loved!

  3. I know they’d love to be in the Ukraine, however, I’m thankful they can go to the Ukrainian church here and find some comfort. Praying for them 🙏🏿

  4. I am praying for your Ukrainian friends that are refugees in the US and for the people in Ukraine. May they find comfort, strength, and God’s peace. 🙏🌺

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