Story Time-My Countryside Experience

This past Sunday I had an adventure out in the countryside. My Sunday morning group was invited to have lunch in the home of friends who live outside the city. As I share about my adventure, I am sure it will amuse my fellow bloggers Gary of and Alicia of Gary is such an outdoorsman that he could have his own show about outdoor adventures and I am sure he would have made a good mountain man if he had lived in the 1800s. Alicia lives outside a small town and plays with coyotes.

.Going to my friends’ home. I drove five miles outside the city on a paved road and then a mile on a gravel road. However, returning to the city I needed to take a different route because I was going to the Ukrainian church for their Youth Group Christmas Program. So I drove on a different road. It was a gravel road. I drove on it from 190th street to 140th street where it changed to be a paved road the rest of the way. That means I drove fifty blocks on a gravel road.

As I was driving, I kept looking for deer that might jump out. I also wondered if I might see coyotes or even a mountain lion. It was a real outdoor adventure for me. You will be glad to know I made it safely back to civilization. When I reached the paved part of the road, that was my thought, “back in civilization”.

I know you might be wondering how it is that a man who has been on eleven ministry trips to other counties could feel a bit overwhelmed by the drive on a gravel road. In my defense, those trips were all to other cities in other countries. They were in civilization too just in a different country with a different language. In such a setting I am in my element.

Photo by Jessica Lewis Creative on

My gravel road adventure gave me a new appreciation for the journey Joseph and Mary would have taken from Nazareth to Bethlehem that first Christmas. They would not have even had a gravel road to journey on. The setting of the birth of Jesus was primitive by today’s standards, even countryside standards. Our Savior, the King of the Universe, chose to leave his throne and glory in heaven to be born in very primitive and humble surroundings.

By the way, I need to wash my car but it has been so cold this week that I can’t because the doors could freeze shut. That will have to wait to next week when it warms up.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

12 thoughts on “Story Time-My Countryside Experience

  1. I was already smiling, and the comments made me grin even more. What a fun way to talk about the road Mary & Joseph had to take. ๐Ÿ˜Š

  2. Look at you roughing it!!! Way to go!!
    This gave me a good laugh! I think you could branch out and make your way out west to my neck of the woods!! Iโ€™ll show you wear the deer roam, and coyotes howl!!!

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