God Works Through Willingly Hearts- 3 Instruments for 3 Musicians

It is fascinating for me to watch God at work and who he works through. He often works through people who others would think of as least likely. Case in point-me helping three musicians receive instruments.

Photo by Aysegul Alp on Pexels.com

Why would I say I am least likely? I have never played an instrument, never learned to read music, never learned to play an instrument. Yet God chose to work through me to facilitate three musicians to receive instruments that help them in their ministries.

Last summer it was connecting my friend Samuel from Honduras with an older couple from my church who had a nice guitar sitting unused in their basement. They gave it to him and he now uses the guitar to help him lead worship in his Spanish speaking church.

Photo by Philip Boakye on Pexels.com

Then it was helping my young friend Ester receive a violin stepping out in faith that donations would come in to pay for one loaned to her by a friend at church. Through generous brothers and sisters in Christ the donations came in to fully cover it.

Photo by cottonbro studio on Pexels.com

Most recently it was sharing about a worship leader from Ukraine who had to leave his guitar behind. A generous person gave him a guitar after I shared my new friend’s story.

So God worked through me, a person with no musical ability, a person who often listens without singing in church because I need a much lower bass tune, to help three musicians have the instruments they needed for their worship ministries.

Jesus can work through anyone. All he needs is a willingly heart and he will take care of the rest.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

8 thoughts on “God Works Through Willingly Hearts- 3 Instruments for 3 Musicians

  1. Thank you for sharing, I have experienced therapeutic benefits from playing a musical instrument. I learned to play the guitar as a child, and I would love to learn how to play other musical instruments before I am with God

  2. It was your willingness to put out the word (in faith) that made the difference, Matt. Musical instrument knowledge wasn’t necessary. God has plenty of His friends who are know their subject areas, He just needs a catalyst–like you!

  3. Matt, your witness encourages many others. When we reach out to serve others as Jesus has taught us, we will be blessed. My wife and have been serving various members of our family at different times in the past year or so. God’s mercy continues to bless this journey.

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