Story Time- My Accomplishment with Gloves

It is an achievement I never thought about before mostly because it seemed so unlikely. Yet it has been reached nevertheless. You will be astonished by it I am certain of that. 🙂

What is this feat that has happened? I am glad you asked. Perhaps you should sit down before reading on.

Somehow I have managed to not lose one of my gloves all winter. The first time in memory that this has occurred. By this time I normally have lost one glove and had to buy a new pair and some winters that has happened twice. Not this year. This year I have the same pair of gloves that I bought in late October.

I am sure you are impressed and perhaps wonder how I accomplished the rare feat. I wish I knew myself. I have no secret to pass on.

Perhaps you are thinking I have too much time on my hands staying home most of the time the past several days due to recovering from pneumonia, too much time to think and end up imagining of this post. Perhaps you are right. I have been cooped up at home. But I have been sleeping the past four nights, so perhaps not. lol

Anyone who has lost one glove, knows the feeling of searching for it. That of course is nothing compared to the desperation of searching for misplaced cell phones or car keys. The frantic search that ensues is consuming.

Nothing can compare to how Jesus feels seeking us. The lengths he went to to become our Savior by dying for us on the cross and defeating death for us through his resurrection. How he is always at work now through the Holy Spirit wooing people to faith in him. Jesus will not stop seeking us until the day he returns to earth. Jesus said in Luke 19:10:

“For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost.”

Think about the love of Jesus to seek you.

By the way, I am not concerned about jinxing myself by sharing this story before winter is over. I won’t need them much longer. I am about to make the switch to light weight driving gloves for early spring. 🙂

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

19 thoughts on “Story Time- My Accomplishment with Gloves

  1. Good one matt. There is still two more months of winter here. -20 tonight with a big wind chill. I buy 4 pairs of gloves all the same, that way if I lose one I have spares. I have never lost 6 gloves yet

  2. Matt, congratulations on having the same gloves you started with this winter. Winter will be over in May here. We have lots of snow and have a storm that has made driving a little more difficult. So glad Jesus came to seek and save the lost!😊

  3. Mission accomplished! I appreciate this doubleheader filled with a double dose of good news. You still have those blessed gloves, and we experience the Christ’s message of redemption every day. Blessings Matt!

  4. Haha glad you still have the pair!! ….you’re celebrating seems pre-established to me lol remember Nebraska weather is finicky!! Keep those gloves close at “hand” 😂 just in case!!

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