No Retirement in Serving Jesus

Resting on one’s laurels sounds nice sometimes, but it is not something that God seems to care about. It could be tempting to just sit back and relax thinking I have done enough and it is time to simply enjoy life sitting at a beach.. However, God has done significant things in the later years of life of people.

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The Apostle John was an old man on the prison island of Patmos when Jesus took him up into heaven and showed him the things that are written in the Book of Revelation.

Sarah gave birth to Isaac when she was an old woman past child bearing years.

The list could go on. I could retire from teaching, but there is no retirement from ministry. There is only coming home to heaven. God continues to work through us throughout the entirety of our earthly lives.

Even in dealing with health issues, God has divine appointments for me. During a short hospital stay last November he had two of them with nurses for me. If stuck at home due to being sick, there is still the prompting of the Holy Spirit to pray.

Jesus has set up divine appointments for me in coffee shops on days that my inclination was to go chill out for an afternoon. He has set up ones at parks on warm days that I decided to go read a book in the park, Jesus is always at work in the lives of people and he chooses to work through us.

Even after mountain top experiences when we feel like relaxing, Jesus will often have the next opportunity awaiting us. That has happened for me at the end of ministry trips to other countries getting on the plane to fly home, ready to relax, only to meet a person Jesus wants me to share him with.

So no resting on my laurels. No sitting at the beach being inactive. No retirement from ministry. The adventure continues πŸ™‚

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

22 thoughts on “No Retirement in Serving Jesus

  1. As you said, Jesus gives us divine appointments at any age. Our job is to listen to His direction and spread His word and love. Glad your adventure is continuing! 😊🌺

  2. This is so true, Big Brother Matt. I am 61 and God is working mightily in my life. I barely have time for reading books & posting my reviews, visiting blogs, or any other online presence. I would appreciate your prayers as I get my next set of injections in my back early Friday morning.✝️

  3. We live in a throwaway society but in God’s kingdom it is different. I love the fact at 120 years of age, God told him it was time to die. Moses had perfect vision and the strength of a young man. Moses made a habit of meeting with God in the tent of meeting daily. A cloud would descend and they would talk like friends. This was the key to his longevity. How else would he had made it lt leading 2.5people?

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