Doing Homework Is Better Than Shopping?

I enjoy having fun with my students as we study together and using humor as I teach. My thinking is that it is stressful to learn English while trying to make a new life in a new country/culture as adults, so a little humor helps reduce stress. An example? Yesterday afternoon at the Ukrainian church one of the questions during conversation practice was:

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“Which is better walk ten miles in a thunderstorm to go shopping or stay home and do homework?”

100% of my students answered it is better to stay home and do homework. I pointed out that all of them would rather stay home and do homework, so I needed to give them homework. They all laughed shaking their heads no.

Another question- “When did you come to Lincoln?” My answer- I came to Lincoln when I was three months old twenty years ago. They smile seeing my white beard and silver hair.

Another question- “What is your favorite restaurant?” My answer- My favorite restaurant is any restaurant a friend pays for my lunch or dinner.

Just a glimpse into my class at the Ukrainian church and other classes. I was grateful to be with them yesterday afternoon. My friend Alex, also one of the students, gave me a ride, My Jesus car is still not finished yet. Alex will give me a ride again this morning and after class drop me off at the coffee shop to meet with my friend Todd.

Tomorrow my friend Luis from El Salvador will take me to church for our conversation class and join me to worship after class. Then it will be off to lunch, but it will be his favorite restaurant because I will pay for his lunch to thank him for the ride. We have friends from Brazil, Guatemala, Mexico and Venezuela join us in class.

I am so thankful Jesus has blessed me with friends from so many countries. It keeps life interesting and fun.

What are your weekend plans?

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

28 thoughts on “Doing Homework Is Better Than Shopping?

  1. I hope your Jesus car is fixed soon, Matt. We are resting up after a 3 day trip to see our sons in Montana. Groceries today, and maybe some yard work. Spring Break is almost over.

  2. I love your use of humor! Laughter makes everything better. Aaron and I are going to an appreciation brunch for Meals on Wheels volunteers. Aaron is very nervous about it, though, so I’m not sure if he will actually go or not. I hope he will, but I want him to go and be happy. We’ll see!

  3. You use the tool of humor well Matt. I’m sure you take it well when used on you as well. Sometimes I have been guilty of not appreciating God’s use of that tool in my life. Enjoy spring for me.

    1. When my students joke with me, I embrace it and see it as a sign they a comfortable learning with me. Winter came back for a few days here but spring returns tomorrow. How is it there? still buried under snow?

      1. Yes, snow is still very deep. About mid thigh deep in the woods so snowshoes only. It’s supposed to get above freezing by Friday…like 2 degrees, yea

      2. Snowshoes are tricky in deep snow. A great way to stay on top but if one falls the snowshoes stay on top and the rest of the body goes down with the feet still in the bindings strapped to the snowshoes. One might pronounce woes on snowshoes at that point.

  4. It’s great that you have lots of fun with your students! Today, I met a friend/former coworker for lunch that retired last summer. It’s was nice catching up with her. 🤗

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