Mobile Again/Update On My Books

Finally after three weeks, I got my car back on Tuesday. Being mobile again means no more interruptions for ministry. It also means that along with being healthy, healthy for someone with autoimmune issues that is, that the coffee shop is back on my routine list.

Speaking of the coffee shop, I will meet my friend Todd on Saturday. I shared some information with him about self publishing. He studied law and was a lawyer in the Army, so he will be good to consult with to make sure I understand the business side of things.

My meeting with Todd means I am very close to publishing my two books, Lifted Out Of The Pit/Called To The Nations and Jesus Understands Trauma. Lifted Out Of The Pit/Called To The Nations is about how God took me from the pit in life and called me to reach the refugees and immigrants in my city as well as have ministry trips to other countries. Jesus Understands Trauma is about the layers of trauma Jesus willingly went through on our behalves and how that means he is our Sympathetic High Priest.

So when I wake up for the second time, I will go to the coffee shop to do one more check on both books for editing. For the second time? I am glad you asked. I have fallen into this habit of waking up around 3 or 4 and writing, listening to worship music, and praying. Then I go back to sleep about 6am and sleep until about 10am. In the past, I would have to push through teaching in the morning and come home and take a nap.

What is on your agenda today?

Thank you for reading.. God Bless.

34 thoughts on “Mobile Again/Update On My Books

  1. Good morning big Brother Matt, wonderful news having your car back and continuing to move forward with your books. My agenda is teleworking for eight hours and rest afterwards; feeling exhausted today. Have a great day.

  2. Have a great day Matt. I will be running a chainsaw today. Neighbors are running out of fire wood. It’s been below zero here in the mornings and more snow is coming. I’m watching 6 deer right now, out the window, bedded down under the evergreens where there is less snow.

      1. I’m doing pretty good. Been going through bouts of sickness lately, not sure what’s up with that. My husband too. I guess it’s the typical winter blues. It just snowed here again yesterday and last night. Not sure if it’s going to snow today. Come on, Spring!

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