My Coffee Shop

Sitting in my coffee shop one evening last week was a snapshot of the atmosphere there. A local musician was playing guitar for live music night, a young man was making chalk art at one table, and a young woman was making artistic cards at another table Local artists have paintings for sale hanging on the walls.

The clientele is quite eclectic. Some are students, some are very much alternative lifestyle, some are educators, some live near the coffee shop and some work nearby.

There is a hospital across the street with a mental health clinic, so there are some outpatients who come in for a safe space to be in.

I am thankful for the opportunities Jesus has given me at the coffee shop. One day perhaps in a year or so, they will come to an end. The building has been sold and from what I hear will be torn down, so an office building can be built there. The other shops in the building have slowly been closing

I know wherever I go that Jesus will give me opportunities, but I do worry a bit about the people who rely on the coffee shop for a safe space. Until that time, I will continue to go there to relax, share my jokes, and hope for opportunities to share Jesus.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

15 thoughts on “My Coffee Shop

  1. In time, the Lord will lead you to another blessed sanctuary with other coffee drinkers. I salute your spirit-filled journey with another cup of java. Blessings Matt.

  2. Oh goodness! You may have to be scoping out a new coffee shop! But until then I know God will continue to use your infectious and fun personality to bless others!!

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