If I Had My Own Coffee Shop

You can blame this post on my friend Gary of garyfultz.com because he commented on my post yesterday- At My Alternate Coffee Shop. He commented that I need my own coffee shop, which sparked the thought for my post today If I Had My Own Coffee Shop.

If I had my own coffee shop. what would it be like?

Gary had a few suggestions that I would definitely incorporate. There would be a meeting room in the back with a TV on a cart that could be checked out and could be connected to USB on laptops for presentations. There would also be a classroom where I could teach English and my students could bring their coffee into class.

If I had a coffee shop, I would need a 100% reliable person, make that two people. who could be responsible to opening at 6am for the early birds seeking coffee. 6am opening would mean having to wake up at 5am which is not in my realm of possibility. πŸ™‚

If I had a coffee shop, there would be plenty of gluten free snack and treat options. There would also be a donation box for people to donate food for anyone to choose from no questions asked.

If I had a coffee shop, there would be worship music played for background music and a bookcase of books for people to read including Christian books.

If I had a coffee shop, there would be Lord of the Rings posters on the wall to give the coffee shop a special ambiance.

If I had a coffee shop, my role would be to walk around chatting with people, telling jokes, and following the lead of the Holy Spirit as to people to share Jesus with.

If I had a coffee shop, there would be a designated booth with very comfortable seating reserved for me and whoever I meet with.

If I had a coffee shop, nurses would get a discount every day because nurses are awesome. I Love Nurses is a post I shared that shows my reasoning.

What do you think of my hypothetical coffee shop? Any suggestions?

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

41 thoughts on “If I Had My Own Coffee Shop

  1. I would definitely be a permanent fixture in your coffee shop. The best part about it is that you would walk around chatting with people, being led by the Holy Spirit.

  2. Put it in the Lords hands.
    Vision is a wonderful thing.
    Sounds like you would need a business manager…you would give everything away.
    Instead of calling it a coffee shop, call it a Coffee learning center with the public invited for coffee or tea and rolls..
    Your immigrant connections would learn all their English and social ques and skills serving the public as part of learning and adapting.
    Make it nonprofit and get on every church mission budget….I could go on but I remember that little verse “without me you can do nothing”

  3. Matt, when I saw “coffee” in the title of this post, I couldn’t resist the caffeine-blessed aroma at this Coffee Utopia. I would gladly open up the coffee shop as early as needed. Allowing Matt an extra bit of rest would be my gift.

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