An Encounter At The Coffee Shop-Book Update

Yesterday I was able to spend time at the coffee shop between my morning and afternoon classes. My intention was to catch up on blogging due to a busy schedule and getting behind on the blogs I follow. That was accomplished. A wonderful “chance encounter” happened for me too.

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As I was sitting in a comfortable booth, a woman who works with a non-profit walked in. I had met her a few times before. The non-profit is I’ve Got A Name. Their work is to help young people and women who have been sex trafficked in my city and state to be free of that and start new lives.

One thing I plan to do is donate $1 from each book of Jesus Understands Trauma sold to a ministry/non-profit that serves people who have suffered trauma. I’ve Got A name is one that has been on my mind to do so with.

Yesterday I had an opportunity to talk with her, share my idea, and let her read part of my book. She liked my idea and we will communicate more after my book is published.

The encounter encouraged me to message with my friend who is Executive Director of Love Justice a Christian organization that intercepts victims of trafficking in various countries. He also likes my idea and I will get back with him once Jesus Understands Trauma is published.

I love how Jesus arranges the details like “chance encounters” to confirm an idea.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

11 thoughts on “An Encounter At The Coffee Shop-Book Update

  1. I used to think of things similar to this as a coincidence BUT now as a Christian I realize God has purpose in everything and I refer to them as God sightings…for example even something as simple as pulling into Walmart and spotting a handful of cars all the same color parked next to each other in a row, for me it reminds me that I’m aware, alert and thankful to God for my senses.

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