Almost Ready- Thanks to My Friend Ellen

This morning I came to my coffee shop to finish my book Jesus Understands Trauma for publishing. I arrived a few hours before my friend Ellen from my church office came to help me. While trying to do it, I got lost, couldn’t figure stuff out and thought it was not possible. Thoughts of giving up were in my mind.

Then Ellen came. 🙂

How quickly things turned around. She is a wiz with figuring out tech stuff. She is also the one who designed the cover for me, As she was working, I asked her questions like, “I can be clam now?” and “I can breathe now?”. Thanks to her skills with tech stuff, the e-book version is finished. She will finished the paperback version from home where she has faster internet.

It has been quite the journey writing the book and preparing for publishing. It has been trudging through two minor heart procedures, two bouts of bronchitis, a bout of pneumonia, a bout of pericarditis, and a bout of strep throat. The finish line is in sight now. Hopefully next week, I will be sharing the links for the book.

The rest of the afternoon will be relaxing at the coffee shop. I am so thankful that Jesus brings the right people at the right time to aid us on our journeys.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

19 thoughts on “Almost Ready- Thanks to My Friend Ellen

  1. Friends to help with things we cannot do is an illustration of the wonderful body of Jesus. God bless Ellen and all the others who have helped you.

  2. Brother, look what you’ve done! Congratulations! Yes, you should be enjoying a coffee and having a sense of calm AND celebration for this glorious work for God! Ellen ‘s cover looks fantastic. It’s so amazing how God brings people together, just as you said, at the right time! I’m proud of you, Matt! I can’t wait to read it! God bless you! 🙏🏻😊💪🏻

      1. You’re welcome, brother! I’m 4 weeks out of my last treatment. I found out this week I have a fracture in my sacrum (the triangular bone below spine between hips)…no wonder my back has hurt so much! I had an interview on a local morning show to talk about my little kids book from two years ago and my cancer journey. God is so good. I don’t know where I’d be without him! Every day! I pray for you daily!

  3. You have had a lot happen during the writing and completing of your book but I’m reminded of your perseverance nevertheless—and that with God all things are possible!!

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