Realizing The Real Reason For A Prompting

It is Friday evening and after a wonderful day of helping my Ukrainian friends and then enjoying a delicious lunch and great fellowship, I felt led to go to one of my coffee shops. Upon arriving, I thought the reason I felt led here was because I was able to get the last chocolate covered Rice Krispie Bar.

After a little time, I realized I had set the bar way too low as to why the prompting to come here. I was sitting down and started catching up on blogs, after devouring aforementioned chocolate covered Rice Krispie Bar, when McKenzie came in with a friend. I met McKenzie the other day in here. I found out she is a Christian and getting ready to open her own counseling practice focusing on teen issues.

I share with her about my book Jesus Understands Trauma that afternoon. This evening she came to my table to let me know she had bought my book. We exchanged emails and will meet after she reads it so we can discuss it.

Speaking of my book, my friend Alexey and I talked about the trauma Ukrainians are experiencing. I hope to get my book translated into Ukrainian, but also realize that people in Ukraine do not have a lot of money to spend right now, So we will make a video of me being interviewed with translation into Ukrainian.

It was encouraging to run into McKenzie this evening. It was a little signal that God is at work.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

8 thoughts on “Realizing The Real Reason For A Prompting

  1. Love the stories you share of God popping up all over in places in your life!! Heโ€™s everywhere and weโ€™re blessed when we take notice to see His hand at work!

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