Jesus Empowers Women

One issue that stands in stark contrast is how Jesus actually treated women and how the Christian world is portrayed and in some circles treats women. There are examples that come to mind for me when I think about how Jesus empowered women. The first is Mary Magdalene and the other is the Samaritan woman at the well.

Mary Magdalene was an outcast. I know that she has traditionally been portrayed as a prostitute, but there is no biblical evidence of that. What we do know is that Jesus delivered her from seven evil spirits, so we are safe to infer she would have been an outcast of some kind. After Jesus delivered her, she became part of the fold, his family if you will. That is evidenced by the fact that we see in the bible Mary Magdalene and Mary mother of Jesus mentioned several times. In other words, they hung out together. The example that stands out to me the greatest is the fact that Mary Magdalene was given the honor to be the first to see Jesus after his resurrection. I am convinced that was no coincidence. Jesus could have chosen to appear first to anyone he wanted, but he chose to appear to Mary Magdalene. Think about it. We remember the first to do things like we remember Neil Armstrong was the first to walk on the moon, but do you remember the second?

Another example for me is the Samaritan woman at the well. Again this is no coincidence. Jesus sat at the well, so he could speak with her. He knew she was coming. Through their conversation she came to faith and ran back to her village to tell the others. She knew it was out of the ordinary for Jesus to speak to her which we see when she says, “I am a Samaritan woman” and inquires why he is speaking to her

These are the kind of aspects of the Christian faith I like to explore. I wrote a fiction short story about the Samaritan woman at the well in my other blog Encounters with the Ancients.

Fatima Meets The Woman From The Well

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