A Phone Call Last Night- Depression/Anxiety- Jesus Understands Our Weaknesses

I had a Good Friday/Easter theme post ready to post this morning, but felt I should share about a phone conversation I had last night with a woman struggling with her faith because of difficult circumstances and experiencing depression and anxiety. She felt that she couldn’t pray because she is mad at God for what has happened in life.


At first I listened to her to hear what is going on and then I asked her if she has seen a doctor recently. She told me she had gone a month ago and the doctor had given her a prescription for depression. We talked about the importance of taking the medicine and communicating with her doctor about how she was doing with the medication. I shared with her about how we are mind, body, and spirit and how it is all connected, so if we are struggling physically it can affect us spiritually. I know that from personal experience from last year when I spent five months going from doctor to doctor to find out in the end that I have Celiacs. It dragged me down spiritually too.

We talked about Jesus and that Jesus understands our weakness. In Hebrews chapter 4 it talks about Jesus our Sympathetic High Priest who can sympathize with our weaknesses. Because Jesus is our sympathetic high priest who understands us, we can go to him to find grace and mercy in our time of need.


I also encouraged her to be honest with God about how she is feeling and that God is big enough to handle it if she tells him the truth that she is mad at him, or sad, or depressed, or anxious. We do not have to be perfect to talk to God. All we have to do is read the Psalms to understand that we can be honest with God about our feelings.

At the end I shared with her in Spanish, her first language, “eres una hija de dios, una hija de el rey, Jesus te ama,” which is you are a daughter of God, a daughter of the king, Jesus loves you. She cried and I stayed on the phone to listen.


Why do I share this conversation? Because life can be difficult and anyone can have down times in life which can lead to feeling God is distant from us. Those are times he is very close to us even if we can’t feel it. God loves you. Jesus loves you. Don’t give up. Tell Jesus how you are feeling. Don’t keep it bottled up.



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