Music Mondays- Hope/The Trumphet Shall Sound-Phil Driscoll

Going through life in this world, sometimes we sail along, sometimes we simply walk, and sometimes we trudge barely able to do much because of being bogged down. Monday mornings come and I am usually bogged down by just trying to get back in the flow.


There have been serious times of being burdened down in  life for me such as the experience of going to several doctors last year over several months last year to find out what was wrong. Family problems can get us down like in my life growing up with an alcoholic father and mentally ill mother.

Jesus has worked in my life in wonderful ways and any difficulties in my past I hope to be of benefit to others as I try to share the love of Jesus with others. It isn’t easy to live for Jesus. Don’t let the TV people fool you. There are struggles. There are trials in life. You can fill in the blanks with your own experiences.

What kept me going last year during a year of pain and doctors? What gave me hope to keep going through adversity? It wasn’t what. It was WHO- Jesus and the fact that one day I will be with him. One day he will come back for those who believe in him. There are different views on what that will be like and this post is not a treatise on those. My focus is on the fact that Jesus will return and we will be changed.

In the 1990s, a group of contemporary Christian music artists got together to do a version of one of my all time favorites- Handel’s Messiah. The artists made Handel’s Young Messiah. Phil Driscoll performed the song “The Trumpet Shall Sound” for the album. Driscoll is a great trumpet player and he also sang the song. So I want to share this video with you of Phil Driscoll performing The Trumpet Shall Sound as a Monday pick me up for you. Hopefully as you listen, whatever you are going through, the song will help you remember that this life is temporary and so are our problems. One day the trumpet will sound and Jesus will come. Until then, we can know him and serve him and know he is with us in every circumstance.

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