Music Mondays- I Wish We’d All Been Ready by Larry Norman and by DC Talk

Yesterday we had our first snow of the season. This year it was early and a bit of a surprise. Where I live we usually get our first snow in November and some years in December. The weather reporters on local TV told us it was coming, but I didn’t really believe them. As I drove to church the rain started to mix with snow, but I still thought nothing of it. I just thought it would not add up to much and would be gone quickly. Here I am outside in the snow outside of my church after services.


Before I came home, I stopped at a few stores to buy some food. The snow was a heavy wet snow and the leaves are still on the trees, so branches broke off into the street. One store I stopped at had no electricity because a tree branch had knocked down a power line.

As I mentioned, it surprised a lot of people especially how much snow we had for mid-October even though the weather reporters told us we would have snow the day before. Many people ignored the reports.

Jesus promised that he will return. We don’t know when he will return. He told us that it is not for us to know when in Acts 1 saying:

“It is not for you to know the times or dates the Father has set by his own authority”

But he did tell us signs such as wars, increase in natural disasters etc.  The signs seem to be getting more noticeable with each year.

I like to the saying live as if he will come back at any moment when it comes to how we live and live as if he won’t come back in your lifetime when it comes to planning. Live in such a way that both possibilities we will be ready.

Live to be ready for Jesus to return, so it will be a positive blessing for us which starts by believing in him and live to be ready for life, so we build a life on solid foundation.

In 1969 Larry Norman first recorded the song, I Wish We’d All Been Ready singing about the return of Jesus.

In the 1990s the group DC Talk covered the song on an album. Larry Norman and DC Talk got together to perform it together.

One day in the future that no one knows when, Jesus will return. My hope is that my readers are ready for that blessed day. It starts with coming to faith in Jesus.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

3 thoughts on “Music Mondays- I Wish We’d All Been Ready by Larry Norman and by DC Talk

  1. So a thought…. When I was a kid I used to listen to this song and get super sad. I just wonder why there aren’t more joyful songs to get us excited about Christ’s second coming.

    1. I understand how you could feel sad from the song. Midnight Cry is one that focuses more on the reunion of Jesus with his followers. The 2nd Coming will be a wonderfully joyful experience for those who believe in Jesus. For those who have rejected him, it will be a terrible day.

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