When God Gives A Gentle Nudge

God did it again. He gave me a gentle nudge of a reminder while I was in the midst of a painful day. He gave me a soft knock on the door of my spirit.

Photo by Mike Greer on Pexels.com

Fridays I usually relax in the evenings at home unless there is a function to go to. Relaxation is vital for me as I live with chronic illness. I was experiencing a pain flare up and debated if I should go to an informal evening of worship at my church.

I gutted it out and went to church. I couldn’t even raise my arms during worship, but I was there to worship Jesus with my brothers and sisters in Christ. We also had some prayer time between sets of worship songs. I felt led to pray for the unity of our church as we go through a transition year.

Then it happened through a conversation with a brother in Jesus who met me when I first started going to the church 25 years ago. He shared something with me that Jesus used to encourage me. He said, “I was thinking about how I first met you at a prayer time when you first started coming to church and you were so sick you could barely speak and now here you are still praying for the church.”

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Jesus spoke to me through that one comment to let me know he is still working through me. When the pain hits or when the fatigue hits, I can start to feel useless. I had even told the Lord that recently in prayer that I am not what I used to be and maybe am ineffective due to living with chronic illness. My friend’s comment snapped me out of it. There is still work for me to do in his kingdom here on earth.

We need each other in the family of Jesus. When we are down, darkness wants to pounce and magnify what we are going through. But if we express what is on our heats and souls to our eternal big brother Jesus, he will move. He will speak truth to us. That is what my friend’s comment was all about and he didn’t even know it.

Today I can relax at home. I hope to spend time listening to worship music. I may take a nap or two. Living with chronic illness necessitates rest. But I will do so not feeling useless.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

11 thoughts on “When God Gives A Gentle Nudge

  1. My brother, such a reminder that our ABBA is able to use us for His glory. Paul reminds us that it is in our weakness that Christ’s strength is made perfect. So many times we feel as though we have to be β€œwhole” in order to function but your post is a powerful reminder that all we need is to simply be available. Blessings!

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