Thankful for going over 500 followers- Blog Party Time

Last week my blog went over 500 followers. Thank you to all who have followed my blog especially those who take time to comment and like my posts.

A few blogging tips for new bloggers:

1- Be consistent. If you post a few times a week, try posting on the same days so your followers know when to expect a post.

2- Interact with other bloggers by commenting, liking and sharing posts. By the way if you click like view the post too.

3- Be patient, It takes time to grow a blog. Don”t give up.

I would like to recognize and show some love to the bloggers that comment on my posts and interact with me the most. I went with the top seven because seven represents God’s work in Genesis 🙂

Dawn of

Sherita of

Beverly of

Deandra of Imago Deo at

Christina of Chasing Clarity at

Euyadeen of

And the blogger who I got the blogging party idea from-

So now for the blogging party. If you would like to, you can share about your blog in my comments section. Share what your blog is about and remember to share a link for your blog.

Again, thank you to all who follow my blog, who comment, like and view my posts. I appreciate you so much!!! 🙂

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

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44 thoughts on “Thankful for going over 500 followers- Blog Party Time

  1. Congratulations, my friend. I thank God for your ministry in this blog and in your real life with people living among us from other countries. Thank you for letting them know that God loves them and many of us welcome them here.
    My blog, is for those caring for someone with a chronic and/or degenerative disease like Parkinson’s. Writing it is cathartic for me, and I hope it is helpful for others.
    God bless you and your ministry.

    1. As a Chaplain I do have a patients who has Parkinson disease as well as my own daughter living with a chronic disease, without my own relationship with Christ, I would find it very difficult to handle, enjoy reading.

  2. Congratulations to you Matt. I always enjoy reading your blog, there are so many that has inspire me in many different ways. My own blog is about Quiet Moments with God the link is I choose the name for my blog because I value my time alone with God our Creator and I wanted other do be able to spend sometime each day alone with God.

  3. Congratulations big brother Matt! 🎉🎉And thanks so much for recognizing my blog. I really appreciate you. Your posts are very helpful to me. Thanks so much for your support, encouragement, and prayers. I pray God continues to bless you and your blog abundantly. 🙏🏿

    Thanks again! ❤️😁❤️

  4. Congrats big brother!! Such a a remarkable achievement and let’s say “gift” from our Father above. May the Lord continue to add to your page daily and as He does so, fill you with inspiration, grace and wisdom. 🤗

  5. Congratulations big brother….. What a blessing… Look how God has blessed you 500 followers that is awesome.. I have to say Matt that you are a great person. You are a great teacher you have a heart of Gold.. I personally thank you for following me and always commenting on my post as well. Thank you for recognizing me as well and for your encouragement, prayers and being a brother in Christ to me…
    Well everyone my name is Sherita and I’m from My blog is about Christianity I love to do scripture writing plans, prayers, and sometimes word of the day that comes from the Bible. I started blogging because it makes me feel comfortable and confident in my Lord and Savior. So if you would love to read scriptures and hear a little about my day come on over to my blog…. I’m still learning the ropes of how to do things here on WordPress… No link but I given you the name of my blog…. Many blessings to you all… To the new followers of Matt this guy is here is awesome…. ❤️❤️

  6. Congratulations! Your blog is an inspiration for many, including myself. I hope that in imitating your blog, I will become a better blogger myself. God bless!

  7. Congratulations xxx it’s a blessing to hear of your milestone. Keep on keeping on.
    My blog is a blog in which I encourage others and myself to always look (or try) on the bright side and to know that the reader is not alone, because we all are in this life together to support and uplift each other. If any one wants to check it out and maybe give a follow I will follow theirs too… much love D

  8. Thank you for including me on your list of top seven. To God be the glory. Growing a blog takes time and patience. It also takes persistence. Congratulations and keep up the good work.

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