Get to Know Me Q and A Part 2

My first post was getting long, so here are the other two questions and answers from my Get to Know Me Q and A. is a new blogger.

She asked me:

How has the journey of blogging been?. What you have learnt in the process?. And any advice to upcoming bloggers.

My journey the past year and a half has been rewarding. Blogging has allowed me to grow in my faith, reflect on my life with Jesus, and connect with the world on down days from chronic illness.

I have learned to not focus on stats because that can be misleading. For me the main thing is to write for an audience of one-Jesus, in hopes it blesses others.

I have also learned there are many wonderful bloggers to interact with. By interacting with other bloggers, I learn more about blogging and improve in my blogging.

Don’t be afraid to try new ideas. You never know until you try.

Be genuine and express your voice.

Be consistent when you post. That will help your readers know when to look for your posts.

My friend Megan does not write a blog. She only likes to follow blogs. She asked:

I know you eat food from many different cultures. Which foods are your favorite?

The list is a long one Megan, but I will share some πŸ™‚

Pho is a Vietnamese rice noodle soup I love.

Mulligatawny is a soup from India I love.

I love tamales if they are cooked by an abuela, grandmother, in the home, they are wonderful.

Kebab and Briyani are my favs from Iraq.

I love picanha a beef cut in Brazil and also brigadeiro and chocolate mad ein the home in Brazil.

8 thoughts on “Get to Know Me Q and A Part 2

  1. Authenticity and a strong mission to serve others – so right. Even in my much less time blogging (3/4 months?) this has come forward massively and has no substitute! Thank you for your contribution to meaningful conversation πŸ™‚

  2. Wow, this came in very needful big bro. Thanks for sharing this.

    And the food – waoh!. You seem to have been to a lot of places. πŸ‘―

    Keep up the great work bro. I celebrate you.

  3. You are such a powerful blessing to all! I love your laser beam focus – – – FOCUS ON GOD. Thank you for inspiring me and so many others! πŸ™‚

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