Why I Don’t Worry About Stats

When I first started blogging, I obsessed too much about stats such as views, likes, and comments. After time and watching stats being a bit like a roller coaster, I realized a few things that helped me to not worry about stats.

1- Followers post at different paces. There are bloggers who post every day, bloggers who post a few times a week, bloggers who post once a week, bloggers who post a few times a month. There are also the bloggers who post occasionally. So one day can be a spike up because all the different kinds kind of converge on the same day but a few days later there is a dip because only daily bloggers are checking in.

2- My posts cover various topics. My posts cover a range of being about my faith, being about my life with autoimmune, about mental health issues, and about my experiences with other cultures. Not every follower will be interested in all of those topics. But it is important to me to write about them.

3- FOCUS on the long term not the short term. One example is last week. One day I hit a spike of 230 views. The next day I had 60 views. If I only looked at the short term of those days, it would be discouraging the day that was much lower. However, if I compare this year at this time to last year at this time, there is significant growth in my blog.

4- I write for an audience of one hoping it blesses others. I hope to honor God in my writing, so he is my audience of one. My hope is that as I write, God blesses others through my writing.

I just wanted to share these thoughts for newer bloggers. Please do not look at stats and get discouraged. If you interact with other bloggers, be consistent for posting schedule, and stay with it, your blog will grow. πŸ™‚

Hope this helps. Thank you for reading. God Bless.

18 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Worry About Stats

  1. I use to worry about stats as well with the ups and downs, but I don’t any more. I try to enjoy the process. I only wish I had the time to read and comment more on other blogs. But, I work full time and I am also working on other projects at the same time. Right now I am writing this at work in between patients. However, I am trusting the Lord that He will enable me to write full time. God bless you big brother.

  2. Thanks for sharing this big bro. βœ… True, stats can be erroneous at times if that is all we look out for.

    The aim should be giving out as led to and believe the set of folks it is meant for will read and be blessed.

  3. This article is very encouraging for us beginners. Thanks for taking the time to write this post. I too agree, we should be writing for the audience of one, God’s approval is what matters most. Thanks again for pointing out we shouldn’t get too concerned with numbers.

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