Music Mondays- For The One by Brian and Jenn Johnson

Let me be filled
With Kindness, and compassion for the One
The One for whom You love and gave Your Son
For humanity increase my love

Help me to love with open arms, like You do
A love that erases all the lines and sees the truth
So that when they look in my eyes, they would see You
Even in just a smile they would feel the Father’s love

I love the lyrics for this song For The One. What a difference it would make it if we asked God to fill us with his love for others. What a difference it would make if we saw each person we meet only as someone that Jesus loves and died for,

It isn’t easy at times. I know. There are people who make it difficult to love them. I am talking about toxic behavior not differences of culture, color, language, interests in life etc.

But what if that person who is different than us at work or in our neighborhoods, we began to pray for that person including that person others stay away from, that person who is a bit of an outcast or socially awkward.

There is a young woman who works in a market that I go to. It is an Organic/All Natural market. She has tattoos and nose piercing. She never smiled when I went in. I prayed for her. The next time I went in I noticed her necklace with an amulet. I told her the amulet was interesting and asked if it has special meaning for her. She told me it has her boyfriend’s ashes in it. I realized the reason she doesn’t smile is because she is grieving. I expressed my sympathy. Now when I go there, she waves at me.

What if we sought moments like that to express in simple ways the love God has for everyone?

Thank you for reading. God Bless

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