The Little Step-Maybe Boring One- That Can Help Your Blog Posts

The post is written and published. The thoughts about the topic you felt passionate about are out there for the blogging world and others to see. It can be a bit like bearing ones soul for some. Hopefully some thought and effort was put into the post. Published was clicked, categories were added, tags were added, a title was used, but one thing was forgotten.

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Sentences left in such as- For my family are favorite place to go is the park. OOPS. Needed to use OUR not ARE.

For me proof reading is not difficult but I am a language guy. Proof reading and editing can be boring-YES. But they are important if we do not want people to lose respect for what we have to say.

So a few ideas for my fellow bloggers for proof reading if grammar and such is a weakness.

1- Type it into Microsoft Word and then copy and paste paragraphs into your post. Use the spell check and grammar check.

2- Even better, if you have a google email account, type it into google documents and then copy and paste. I have found the improvements in google documents have made it better then Microsoft Word. It underlines potential mistakes. Use the spell check and grammar check

3- One thing I do is click the preview box to bring up the post to see how it looks. That has helped me to see mistakes.

Yes we all have the occasional typo. I do and I teach English. When I do leave one in, I am horrified, but that is just me.

However, please help yourself and your blog. Take the time to proof read and edit your posts. Yes, it can be a boring step. For me, it is worth it because what I publish I feel is a reflection of me.

It is also that little extra step that could make a difference for your blog.

Hope this helps. πŸ™‚

19 thoughts on “The Little Step-Maybe Boring One- That Can Help Your Blog Posts

  1. I have found that writing for a blog is different than writing for anything else. When it comes to your blog, the content has to be great if we want readers to continue to come back. And one reason that causes readers to not come back is content with a lot of errors. It actually drives some people nuts.

    For me, proofreading my blog is not just about making sure my content is error free, it’s about building my credibility with my readers because I want them to stick around. I always proof read several times and use spell check in Micro Soft Word. But, there are times there are still errors. Nobody is perfect, you will miss errors because that can happen when you proof read your own writings. Another great tool to is Grammarly. It’s a free extension of Micro Soft Word and can help you to proofread and edit your content.

  2. Thanks for your advice. I am not good at english so I proof reed and edit about 100 times. I am a work in progress but I do hope to reach your standard someday.

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