When God Gives Confirmation

A little over a year go, I began to share in my blog about living with depression and anxiety which for me were symptoms of living with chronic illness. It felt a bit risky at the time, but I found that many people responded to my posts whether through comments, likes etc.

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Yesterday a woman I respect a great deal for her work with children who have been traumatized, responded to me sharing a few posts on her Facebook Wall. She had given me permission. I let her know that I share from a Christian perspective. She responded that we should seek to bring Christ into mental health issues. After I posted a few links on her Facebook wall:

Jesus Understands Trauma

World Mental Health Day-October 10

She responded with this message:

“Matt, Thank you for sharing these blogs. I pray others read it as you candidly shared your personal experience in a very relatable way. We are all searching to be heard & understood. Especially searching for our deepest desire: Jesus. Some might not believe or understand His healing power & gift of Salvation is waiting for them in the most deepest hurts, mental health, medical problems & any sin. He indeed experienced trauma. Stories like yours lead people to the Lord because you spoke biblical truth & love in despite how hurtful your trauma was you looked Him & found healing & peace.”

To receive such a message from a woman who is a Christian and also a Licensed Mental Health Counselor meant a lot to me. I felt it gave me confirmation to continue to share.

My desire is to share with others the comfort Jesus has given me whether it is regarding depression/anxiety or about living with chronic illness. I always think about the truth of 2 Corinthians 1:

“Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves receive from God.”

Her message was confirmation for me to continue to share about how God has helped and is helping me to press on with my ministry and life living with chronic illness and also with depression/anxiety. After my day Friday with friends, and also with the extra support from my home church, seeing my colleagues message Saturday, I feel God is telling me to continue.

On another note, a few of my followers on this blog recently went to my short stories blog- Encounters with the Ancients. I am thinking about making one of my short stories into a book. I would like HONEST feedback from my followers on this blog. I would like to ask you to read a story I wrote a year and a half ago- Jessica’s Encounter at the Harbor Coffee Shop.. What I want HONEST feedback about is if a book version would be of interest.

Thank you for reading. God bless.

24 thoughts on “When God Gives Confirmation

  1. God’s confirmation is so good! Thank you for being my confirmation on my blog all the time! I think you share so much awesome and relevant content and I would love to see it in a book! Can’t wait to read that blog post and give you some feedback! God Bless you brother! 🙂

  2. It’s a sweet feeling to get God confirm Himself once and again.
    I think it will make a great book. i love the suspense and how the facts are not disclosed immedately and in a world like ours filled with anguish and all sorts of pressures, an encounter; just meeting the right person or people can make all the difference

  3. I read your link. I love the concept. I was left hungry for some foreshadowing of future events. Otherwise, great read!

  4. I have shared on my blog my bouts with depression and anxiety. It felt uncomfortable sharing especially about my self-esteem issues. But, I felt I have worth-sharing experiences. I want to encourage those who have a relationship with Christ in their personal struggles and for those who don’t I want them to come to know God and know that deliverance is available.

    Keep sharing your testimony man of God! ( Revelation 12:11).

  5. Any book that you write will be good because you are a great writer. I also think that you should write a book about your experience teaching and helping the refugees. Their stories will make an interesting book. God bless you.

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