Barnabas Award

I would like to thank Beverley my little sister in Christ for nominating me for the Barnabas Award. Barnabas is known as a man who encouraged others in their life and walk with Jesus. Beverley certainly encourages people in their faith in her blog- becomingtheoilandthewine,com

The way the Barnabas Award Works:

1)Thank the person who nominated you and share their blog.

2)Think of five bloggers that encourage and inspire you and nominate them.

3)List 5 things about yourself

4)Lastly, ask your nominees 5 questions. Why 5? Because it is the number that signifies grace.

5 Things about Me

  1. I plan to write an e-book or e-books and publish through Amazon in the future.
  2. Fall is my favorite season because it is cooler, the leaves change color, and it is easier to sleep late due to the sun rising later. πŸ™‚
  3. I love to read through John in the bible with my Sunday morning group, so they can see the heart of Jesus.
  4. A huge blessing for me is to share the love of Jesus with people from all over the world. It gives me a whole new understand of John 3:16-For God so loved the world…….
  5. I wish chocolate ice cream was a healthy food πŸ™‚

Beverley’s Questions for Me

1) Who in your life is your biggest encourager?

There are so many people who I feel encouraged by, a pastor at my church, my life group at church, friends from other countries and fellow bloggers. It is hard to single out one person.

2) When you are down, what encourages you to get back up and keep pressing on?

Worship music is huge for me. I have mornings that I wake up and am not sure about the day, but I also wake up with a worship song in my spirit. It is God’s way of letting me know he is with me.

3) Do you like to encourage others and why?

Yes, I do. I love to empower others. Seeing others achieve is a great blessing for me.

4) What motivates you to get up each morning and what is the first thing that you do in the morning?

After I pour my coffee, I listen to worship music to wake up. Then I read from the bible and pray over my day. What motivates me to get up on down days is the hope to be used by Jesus to bless others.

5) Who was your greatest encourager when you first accepted Christ? 

There was a married couple who really blessed me. I visited them often for dinner. They loaned me a car when mine broke down. They did so much for me.

For my nominees, I am choosing new bloggers who share their faith. Please check them out. My Nominees if they choose to participate πŸ™‚

Early Dan shares about his ministry at

Nissi at

Stephanie of I am crowned in victory at

Kao of

My Questions for my Nominees

  1. What is your favorite worship song?
  2. What book has blessed you recently?
  3. When you spend time with friends, what do you like to do?
  4. What is your favorite place to relax?
  5. How did you come to know Jesus?

38 thoughts on “Barnabas Award

  1. Thank you so much for this nomination ☺ This has encouraged me to do the same and continue the Barnabas Award.. I agree with you and I too new encouragement daily to start the day.. ❀ I love the community on here and pray that bloggers will stay encouraged to continue to share on their blogs, especially those who hope to bring others closer to Christ like you and many others.

  2. Congrats! I don’t know if you noticed, but I also nominated you for the Mystery Blogger Award. You don’t have to accept it, I just wanted to give you a bit of a promo, so there’s a blurb on there about your blog. Take care, bro!

  3. I greatly appreciate the award! I posted my thanks and responses. Unfortunately, I can not recommend other blogs yet as I am literally new to the blogosphere. I promise I will at a future date!!

  4. Congratulations 🎈! If you want to know my opinion, chocolate ice cream is a health food! Seriously, I loved reading your answers and getting to know you better. I hope you get your books written soon!

  5. Loved the share big bro. Worship songs are really graceful ones for me as well. They come in relieving when I am having a hard time.

    And God bless the couple’s heart. Still in contact with them bro?

  6. Bless you my dear big brother. It was a pleasure nominating you. I look forward to your books. I also agree with your wish that chocolate icecream was a healthy food.πŸ™‚. Jesus is the reason for living and getting up on the morning. God bless you.

  7. I’m sorry for the delay, but I would like to congratulate you on your awards. I enjoyed all your responses above. I usually only have time to read Beverley’s blog, but I’d like to subscribe to yours, and learn about you through your blog and stories.

    Take care and have a blessed day.

    By the way, is your name Matthew? If so, I presume you know in Hebrew it means “Gift of Yahweh”.

    I wasn’t expecting to be nominated myself. It was quite a surprise but a excited and pleasant one. I will respond as time allows, because basically I’m more of a behind the scenes type of person. I enjoy helping people and being an intercessory prayer warrior.

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