The Daily Choices of Living with Chronic Illness

I read a post by my little sister Dawn of Her post is I Choose Jesus. It is an excellent post to read about the blessings of choosing Jesus. It also caused me to think about what it means on a daily basis for me as I live with chronic illness.

It has been many years since I first trusted in Jesus as my Savior. But in recent years the daily choice has become more vital to me. The daily choice I am talking about is choosing to make the day count for Jesus and others.

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I wake up most mornings with pain. The degree of pain varies, but it is always there. I also wake up every morning with fatigue. That is the plight of people who live with chronic illness. Even if we sleep 8 hours, we wake up feeling fatigued. I have mornings I am tempted to stay in bed. I have mornings it is all I can do to get out of bed and sit down and drink a cup of coffee.

What gets me out of bed is not wanting to miss out on being a part of what Jesus has in store for me for that day. So I sit in my chair with a cup of coffee and listen to some worship music as I try to wake up. As I sit in my chair, I pray over my day, for my students, and for others I will see. I ask Jesus to give me strength and help me to show his love.

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As I write this on Friday evening to schedule for Saturday morning, I have just come home from a day that my pain was EVERYWHERE. On days like these only my hair doesn’t hurt. It was a day that I had very little energy. Fortunately, it came on the one day I only teach in the mornings. But good things happened in my class. After class, I went to a coffee shop for the afternoon and just sat, drank coffee and then mineral water, and played a word game.

Staying home on a Friday evening used to bug me. Now I relish it so I can rest for Saturday. Saturdays mornings are ministry time as I meet with friends from other countries at my church. Scheduling my life to have a better chance at a productive weekend of ministry is another part of choosing Jesus for me as I live with chronic illness. So most Friday evenings I am at home relaxing because I want to be there for my friends Saturday and Sunday mornings.

I do not know how many more tomorrows I have in this life and I want them to count for Jesus. That is why I start my day off by choosing to live for him and asking for his help.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

32 thoughts on “The Daily Choices of Living with Chronic Illness

  1. β€œ What gets me out of bed is not wanting to miss out on being a part of what Jesus has in store for me for that day” – that sentence really struck me.
    You are an inspiration.

  2. Thanks for sharing honestly about this. It is an inspiration to me the way that you are choosing Jesus in the midst of your chronic illness. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Thanks for sharing my post big brother! πŸ€— This line from your post resonated with me, β€œWhat gets me out of bed is not wanting to miss out on being a part of what Jesus has in store for me for that day.” That is a great way to start the day! Jesus wants to use us and has a plan for each day that we’re alive. ❀️

  4. I understand chronic pain and chronic illness. My heart goes out to you. I learned more about compassion toward people when I worked at an oncology office for 8 years. It was Gods opportunity to teach me to share the love of Jesus by helping others afford their treatment with patient assistance. I met so many wonderful people with such grateful hearts filled with so much love, in spite of what they were going through.

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