Thanksgiving Week Already?

Thanksgiving week is already here in the USA. Time seems to go by much faster. When people ask me about my plans, my first response is- SLEEP.

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I will have a long weekend starting Wednesday because the schools, college, and university are all closed Wednesday. So Wednesday will be a no alarm clock day. πŸ™‚

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But I do have a plan for the long weekend that will be a new one for me. I plan to start writing a book. I will sleep late Wednesday and then spend the day in a quiet place and write. Prayer would be appreciated for this endeavor.

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Thursday I will probably spend with a refugee family but not sure yet.

Friday while people are going crazy shopping, I will watch some college football and then hopefully do some more writing.

One thing I enjoy a great deal every year before Thanksgiving is sharing the story of the first Thanksgiving with my students. It seems appropriate to share the story with immigrants and refugees because the Pilgrims were immigrants who came here hoping for a better life.

I already had one Thanksgiving meal. One of our local Rotary Clubs, Rotary Club 14, has adopted the elementary school where my morning Family Literacy class meets. This year they brought a Thanksgiving meal to share with my class. They have done so four years in a row now. It is wonderful for my students to be able to have a meal with professionals and a great experience for the Rotary members who come. The local paper wrote about it. Here is a link- Thanksgiving Meal.

Most important to me is to take time to Thank God for all he has done for me.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

35 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Week Already?

  1. Have a happy and relaxing Thanksgiving week big brother! That was a nice article about the Rotary club’s contributions. Nice picture of you! 😊

  2. Hi Big brother. I was hoping that you were going to cook a huge thanksgiving meal and invite me. I was getting ready to attend. My bag is already packed for the weekend. Now, I learned that you are planning to sleep! πŸ™‚β€πŸ˜‚. I am crying with disappointment. πŸ˜’

      1. I am going to take you up on that offer. πŸ™‚. The article was good. It was nice that they publish it in the media. Most times those acts of kindness are overlooked. Keep up the great work that you are doing.

  3. What a lovely article in the newspaper about your family literacy class, thanks for sharing it. Rest, relax, and enjoy your time off. Prayers for you to have clarity and inspiration in your book writing.

  4. We think of Thanksgiving for a time to come together with our families, carve the turkey and pig out on some dressing, mac and cheese and my favorite pecan pie. However, we should make God the center of our family time and great food.

      1. Neither actuallyπŸ˜† The company my hubby works for gives us one every year…We have actually seen around 10 turkeys here in our yard, but local neighbors and the hunting club that use to rent property near us have hunted a lot of them. I think there were around 3 this year…I couldn’t shoot one of those things if my life depended upon it! They can spot movement for miles and fly away to the trees!

  5. We don’t have Thanksgiving here. It would be wonderful if we did, (Of course Halloween made it big here.)
    Your plan sounds fantastic. The Lord give you wisdom and bless you as you write your book.

  6. What a wonderful article of Thanksgiving hearts coming together sharing with one another. The pictures told the story.

    I hope you have a restful time off, and that the quiet moments you have to yourself will be filled with wisdom from our heavenly Father that will bring inspiration to your writing.
    Have a happy and blessed Thanksgiving big brother.β™‘

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