My Out and About Day That Almost Did Not Happen

Saturday was an out and about day even though it is COLD here. It wasn’t actually terribly cold just felt that way after a few “nice” days.

In the morning I went to church and met my friend from Bosnia. We always have a lot of fun and laugh when we study. His wife is in the middle of her final exams, so I suggested he take her shopping after she finishes. He laughed and rolled his eyes.

After we finished, I went to my favorite deli to get Mulligatawny soup. As I had hoped, my friend with the semi colon tattoo was working. I always have a joke for her. That has helped me build a friendship with her. I am so happy that we have plans for me to meet her and her boyfriend for coffee later this week.

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I went next door to the coffee shop, ate my lunch, and just hung out. A surprise blessing was seeing my friend from Iran. We talked for a while. I am friends with her whole family, grandparents, parents, sister and brother. It was good to catch up.

So it wasn’t an eventful day. It was a peaceful day of enjoying time with friends. Even though they are from diverse cultures, American, Bosnian. and Iranian, they have something in common. God has blessed me to show his love to them in different ways.

One other thing they had in common today. I would not have seen them if I had given in to the desire to stay home and stay in bed on a day when fatigue from chronic illness was hitting. Weather extremes make it worse, both hot and cold. I live in the wrong state for someone with that problem. lol

My fellow spoonies who follow my blog will understand when I say Saturday was a small victory of getting out even though I didn’t feel like it. And I was BLESSED.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

12 thoughts on “My Out and About Day That Almost Did Not Happen

  1. Glad Saturday was a good day! Happy you’re having coffee with the lady and her boyfriend. I remember you mentioning her on past post.

      1. My Sunday was hard. My seasonal depression was affecting me and I was feeling kind of isolated, which is why I came on WordPress for a bit. I was doing pretty good, too, but the last few days things took a turn again. Tomorrow’s a new day.

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