The Moms Who Make My Mornings Worth it

One of the things I love about teaching a group of moms from diverse cultures each morning is that I never know what to expect. There are fun little surprises almost every day.

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Each December, we have a ‘store’ for the moms to choose from donated items. This year we had so much donated that we raffled off items each morning. Thursday morning we raffled off a set of china. It was a set that was packed in boxes labeled grandma’s china.

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We drew the name and it was the name of the only mom from Sudan. The back story is that when she began my class in September 2018, she was so withdrawn and overwhelmed that eye contact never happened. She had been through so much in life as a refugee.

When her name was drawn, literally all of the other students clapped for her. But she said it was too much and wanted me to draw another name for each person to have half. Can you imagine being willing to divide a set of fine china?

She choose five pieces from the set saying it was too much and then asked for 2 of the women to divide her half. None of my students quite got the concept of a set of china.

This is just another heart warming example of how the moms in my class drive me crazy in a good way almost every week. They are moms the rest of the world would perhaps just overlook, but in my eyes they are heroes. They come to my class to learn English for the purpose of helping their children. They make do the best they can with what little they have.

They are exactly the kind of women that Jesus sought out to empower when he was on earth and continues to do so today from his throne in heaven. Consider Mary Magdalene. Jesus healed her of seven demons and welcomed her into his group of close followers. She was the first person to see Jesus after his resurrection. Jesus never did or does things by accident. He had a purpose in appearing to her first and giving her the task of going to tell the men. That was in a time and culture when the testimony of women was not respected.

My total break is upon me today after my morning class has its celebration day. It will be 17 days of not seeing the moms who drive me crazy in a good way.

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They are the reason I get up and go on mornings that chronic illness makes life a struggle for me. On mornings that I can barely think after a night of pain while trying to sleep, my simple prayer while listening to worship music and drinking coffee to try to wake up, is for Jesus to help me show his love to this wonderful group of moms.

Thank you for reading. God bless.

17 thoughts on “The Moms Who Make My Mornings Worth it

  1. This is such a heartwarming story. It is remarkable that she would want to share her fine china with others.
    This shows how grateful she is for God’s blessings on her. Matt, I am praying that God will strengthen you to keep teaching your classes. You are a blessing to the moms and the others you teach.

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