Merry Christmas- Grateful for Online

I got hit with something Sunday night. I don’t know if it is flu or autoimmune. No fever makes me think autoimmune. I won’t into details of what, but have spent a lot of time sleeping.

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I wasn’t able to make it to church for Christmas Eve Service, BUT I was able to watch it online. I am so grateful for being able to watch it online. The message was wonderful about the choir of angels being sent to shepherds. The songs were a mix of old Christmas hymns and contemporary ones.

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If I feel well enough, I have two invites for Christmas Day. I am writing this Christmas Eve night. Hopefully I will be able to eat and join my friends.

If not, the main thing is that Jesus was born as a human baby after leaving his throne in heaven because of his great love for us. No matter what the circumstances are in our lives, the love of God can be celebrated whether with others or at home watching online.

Merry Christmas 🙂

22 thoughts on “Merry Christmas- Grateful for Online

  1. Amen to your special message Matthew, whether at home or on the go, Jesus is always by our side, and inside our heart. God truly loves His children. Praying you are feeling well enough to join in with those invites, and experience the love of Jesus all around you and through. I declare Gods Word over you by His stripes you are healed. There is truly nobody like Him. I’ll share with you a worship song video. Merry Christmas to you, ❤🙏🤗

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