New Years Tag

Only four days left in this year, it has gone by so quickly. With New Year’s Day approaching, I wanted to create a tag.

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Here is how to participate:

1- Share a link back to the person who tagged you.

2- Share a link to the person who created the tag-

3- Share a favorite New Year’s Memory

4- Answer the questions of the person who tagged you.

5- Tag whoever you want.

6- Use any picture that you like for New Years.

One of my favorite New Year’s memory is when I was invited to join a celebration in a Hispanic church in my city. We started off by singing worship songs together for about and hour. We all went to the front at 11:45 for the pastor to pray for us. At midnight we cheered for the New Year and wished each other a Happy New Year.

After that we went to the basement of the church for food. It was the first time I ate Pozoles, a soup, and authentic tamales. It was SO delicious.

My Questions for my nominees if they choose to participate.

1- If you could celebrate the New Year anywhere. where would it be?

2- What is your favorite snack food for New Years?

3- Have you ever kept a New Year’s resolution? If so, what was it?

4- What do you want to do with your blog next year?

5- Do you prefer a big party or a small gathering to celebrate?

My Nominees if they choose to participate are:

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