The Decade Tag

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With this being the end of not only a year, but also a decade, I thought I would look back at what the Lord has done in my life the past ten years. Also I would like to make this a tag- The Decade Tag.

To play along:

1- Please share a link to the creator of the tag-

2- Share some highlights for you over the past decade and if you want a few low points

3- Tag whoever you wish to.

4- Ask them some questions

5- Use any picture appropriate for such a tag.

Highlights for me are:

2 trips to Brazil one with a group from church and one to teach English at a univeristy

1 trip to Mexico with a group from church

Studied Spanish for one year

Studied Portuguese for one year

Began and continue to teach in a specialized program- Family Literacy

Had a mentoring/study group for young people from Vietnam

Low points for the Lord has helped me with

Found our I have Celiacs Disease

Found out I have Fibromyalgia

Waiting to find our about another autoimmune problem

My questions for those I am tagging

1- What was your favorite song or songs from this past decade?

2- What was your favorite movie or movies from this past decade?

3- What was your favorite book from this past decade?

If they wish to participate, I am tagging

Purple Rose


Deborah Marie


Garden Faith


Joy Cottage




44 thoughts on “The Decade Tag

  1. What a great tag! Thank you for thinking of me. I didn’t realize the just found out about Celiac’s this year. You are so strong. May God continue to bless you πŸ™

      1. Thank you Pene’! I took a little break for the holidays, but I’m getting back into it this week ❀️ I hope your holidays were blessed as well!

  2. This is a great tag!!! Nice job. 😎

    I can relate to the Fibromyalgia. How did they diagnose you, if you don’t mind sharing? My doctor says that Fibromyalgia is real, but there are no test for it. I’ve suffered for about two decades with the symptoms, but no official diagnosis for them. I have other health issues, but this is horrible.The pain alone… oh my. 😭

    Thank you so much for the nomination! πŸ’•

  3. This is a nice and thoughtful tag you created. You’ve had an interesting 10 years. I pray you get to return to Brazil soon! I know you really love it. ❀️

  4. What a great tag! Thank you for thinking of me. I will join in shortly.

    You have had quite an accomplished and a benevolent decade in spite of your tricky health situations. I wish you all the luck and happiness for the next one.

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