When God Gives Confirmation, Step by Step

Yesterday was one of those days that God confirmed for me some things. Sometimes we need confirmation and even without asking for it, God gives us confirmation.

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I talked with my assistant and a colleague I respect at the school I teach at about the book I am working on. They liked the idea and the story plots.

Then in the afternoon while I was teaching my citizenship class which began yesterday, I received a message that 2 more of the women who were in my Sunday evening citizenship class this past fall passed their tests and had their ceremonies yesterday afternoon. They are now U.S. citizens. 🙂

When we start in a new direction, we step out in faith with what we believe God is calling us to do. I will never forget what a speaker said one time many years ago, “faith only works in the dark.” If we can see the path, little faith is required. It is when we step out and try something new, that the path is not always so easy to see.

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So when God gives confirmation, it is such a blessing. I am thankful for God giving me little signs of confirmation yesterday.

Steps of faith are sometimes big ones like my little sister Dawn who moved to Virginia without a job lined up to be with her aging mom. Sometimes they are smaller ones.

In Psalm 119 we read:

“Your word is a lamp for my feet, alight on my path.”

The lights back then were oil pods that lit enough for one step at a time. When God guides us. he guides us step by step. Sometimes it is a big step like Dawn. Sometimes it is a small step like taking on the citizenship class for me. Sometimes it is a step in the dark like starting to write a book.

I am thankful for the confirmations God gave me yesterday. What steps do you feel you are being called to take?

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

30 thoughts on “When God Gives Confirmation, Step by Step

  1. God is awesome! I thank and praise Him for the affirmation He gave you. Some 3 and a half years ago my wife and I decided it was time for me to more fully obey the Lord and step into full time ministry. This meant I would be stepping away from my regular employment and its steady paycheck. God honored our choice: On the day I tendered my resignation, we received an anonymous
    check toward our ministry for $1500!
    Blessings to you and your book project,
    Pastor Chuck

  2. God is so faithful to us! We saw this when we moved to our small community to a very old, very much fixer-upper house. A few months after signing the contract, my husband was laid off from his job. We thought about whether buying the house was still practical. Yet, we felt God was in this move, especially for the sake of our special needs children, who would greatly benefit from the school there. So, we pressed on in faith, even when no new job was forthcoming. Then, the door opened for my husband to start his dream remodeling business. Over six years later, even when things appear tight, we have never done without anything we’ve needed and the business keeps growing. We also get the pleasure of ministering to our local youth on Wednesdays. I am glad to read of your confirmations! Prayers for you as you continue to step out in faith!

  3. Thanks big brother! I appreciate your support and prayers. I like what the speaker said, “faith only works in the dark.” I’m glad you’re stepping out in faith to write your book! It will bless those who read it.

  4. Great message. Loved reading it. And you are right, these small conformations from God are amazing. I got one today. About two months ago I decided to start working again a bit after years of being not able to work. Yesterday after work I felt unsure about it. Can I really handle this? Am I good enough? Is it do-able? I don’t sort of want to withdraw again within my comfort zone… But then today, I had to work alone in my department, and it went so well! I got everything done in time, and on my own. My colleagues were exceptionally friendly today and I felt energized when working. God was telling me: Do this, it’s good for you and it will lead to your dreams… (I want to be a florist some day and now work in a garden centre to gain experience) It was so wonderful. And now I read this post from you about confirmations, so cool! I will follow your blog! Blessings, Samantha.

      1. I love that quote too. Not sure if you saw my other message but thanks again for your prayers and support! Looking forward to your book.

  5. I really found strength in your words “faith only works in the dark.” God is encouraging me to take my time with Him into deeper places, challenging myself to build upon His foundation as I walk with Him.

  6. Really love this post. It’s a blessing reading it.
    I had a similar experience myself – yesterday and today. It’s been a tough few days having to decide whether to try again or look out for other options. But then, thank God for His spirit in us – He always aids us.

    Glad you are moving forward with the book writing bro. 🙂

  7. Beautiful stories! Happy for you. Confirmations are total signs from God. My first nephew was born on my birthday. It was a totally confirmation to me that him and I will have a special bond. You know? 🙂

  8. Matt, I’m not sure if this is an old post or if you reposted, but I just know that when I clicked on your name on a comment to visit your page, this post showed up. It was perfect timing and the confirmation that I also needed to hear. Thank you so much for sharing this!

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