Thank You for Helping Me Go Over 900 Followers

I want to thank all of you who follow my blog especially those who I interact with a lot via comments. I never dreamed I would have over 900 followers when I first really dedicated myself to my blog.

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I want to celebrate this in a different way than I have before when reaching previous milestones. I would like to share some blogging tips because I have many new followers who are new to blogging.

I also want to invite other bloggers to share blogging tips. Please read my tips first to see what you would like to add or comment on. If you share a tip, please also share a link to your blog.

One ground rule for this is- Meaningful Comments/Tips.

My tips

1- Give yourself permission to explore and experiment to find your voice.

2- Learn from other bloggers and their styles.

3- Interact with other bloggers with meaningful comments not just comments like great post etc.

4- Don’t like and not view. That is one of my pet peeves.

5- Be patient. For most bloggers it takes time to grow their followers.

6-Be Consistent. If you post once a week, post on the same day. If you post twice a week, post on the same days. Then your followers will know when to watch for your posts.

7- Blogging awards are fun, BUT don’t let them be your be all end all. Yes network and have fun, but remember that what will sustain your blog is ORIGINAL CONTENT.

Those are my tips.

I want to thank some bloggers who have been consistent in commenting and interacting with me and invite them to share a tip.










I went with the top 9 because as a Lord of the Rings fan, it makes me think of the Fellowship of the Ring- 9 People.

Again THANK YOU to all who have followed my blog and interacted with me. Please share blogging tips for new bloggers.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

47 thoughts on “Thank You for Helping Me Go Over 900 Followers

  1. Congratulations on 900 followers, This is a milestone, Great tips on blogging.

    The tip I would add Is: Treat fellow bloggers with love and respect. View them as good friends, not someone to boost your numbers. Each one is a precious part of your family,

    Abundant blessings!

  2. Congratulations big brother! Wow wow! Thank you for the tag. All the tips you provided are great. Number 3 is very important. I would add this: if someone takes his/her time to comment your blog, take your time to reply. If you have too many comments to reply, reply the first 10 comments. β™₯️

  3. Yay!. Way to go.. More to come big bro. πŸ€—
    Thanks for the recognition. πŸ™‚Always love reading your posts. 😊

    My tip is an emphasis on the “Like and not reading”. And yes make meaningful comments that encourage the blogger. Apt!

  4. Congratulations big brother on 900 followers! That’s amazing! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ You’re welcome! I enjoy reading and commenting on your posts.

    Tip for bloggers: Periodically go to your actual post and read the comments to make sure you have not missed comments your followers left, because it’s easy to miss comments when you only go through the notifications section.

    Also when replying to a bloggers comment make sure you hit β€œreply”. If you just leave a new comment instead of hitting reply the system won’t notify the blogger that you replied to their comment.

  5. Congratulations πŸŽ‰ on the milestone!!!! I love it when bloggers creating meaningful connections and engagement in the comment section. You have been really good with engagement. I pray for success in all your blogging endeavors. 🌺🌺🌺

  6. Congratulations! I’m still relatively new at blogging, but one thing I think is important is to consider why you want to follow a blog. Is it because you are sincerely interested in the content, or is it because you are hoping to build your followers with a return follow? I believe our motives should be pure and honest in all we do. For me blogging is more than producing content, it is building relationships with people. Meaningful comments go a long way when encouraging fellow bloggers.

  7. Thank you so much for supporting me on embarking on my blogging career. Working hard to make it grow. When people ask me what I do I don’t want to say disabled. I want to say Im a blogger! Thank you again for your support. May you be abundantly blessed xoxo

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