A Hassle That Led to A Blessing- Part 2

Last week I shared about a hassle of my asthma inhaler not working for the last doses causing me to go to the pharmacy. Because of that I was able to see a young woman from Vietnam, whom I had helped, working as a registered pharmacist. That was A Hassle That Led to a Blessing.

That same trip led to another hassle that turned into a blessing. I left my insurance card there. On Sunday I called and they told me they had my card. Before I went to pick it up, I stopped at a store across the street. I head a voice say-“Is that teacher Matt.”

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I looked and saw a young woman from Guatemala who was my student for a few years. She met with me at my church along with another woman from Colombia. I helped both of them prepare for college.

It was a blessing to see her again and to catch up on things with her. She is back in college after having had a baby boy.

It is too easy to get bogged down in the difficulties of now and forget how God has worked through us. I am thankful that God gives us reminders of him working through us.

It is too easy to focus on only negatives in our past and doing so leads to feeling worthless, depressed, and other negative thoughts and emotions.

It is important to remember how God has worked through us and to express gratitude to God for that. If we do so, it can help lift us up.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

21 thoughts on “A Hassle That Led to A Blessing- Part 2

  1. So much truth here! I love the way God reminds of all the good around us even in the midst of the hassles. I’m glad you received an encouragement when you needed it. Blessings to you! ☺

  2. Sometimes inconvenience can lead to a blessing. It reminds me of the verse that states that all things (including the disappointments) work together for good to those who love the Lord and are called according to His purpose (Romans 8:28). Thank you for sharing these great testimonies.

  3. Yes! God continually calls me to slow down and put the people and relationships right in front of me first. I love how He encourages you and blesses you by putting special people that you have impacted into your daily comings and goings around town.

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