Here Comes The Sun

This weekend we will have a few warm sunny days here. I have the old Beatles song Here Comes The Sun in my mind. It will be a nice respite from winter.

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I won’t be deceived into thinking Spring is here. Next week winter weather will return.


I will enjoy these few days of Spring like weather. I may even visit a park to go for a walk.

As refreshing as time in the Sun on a warm day is, it can’t compare to time with the Son. Spending time with Jesus is what keeps me going. So I plan to go to the park with my bible and a book to read.

Sunny days come and go. The weather changes so quickly here at times. We enjoy the nice days when they come but realize warm sunny days this time of year will be followed by a sudden change back to winter. Our weather is fickle here.

I am glad that Jesus never changes. His love never grows cold. His love is always warm. In his presence there is no darkness at all.

Today I can enjoy time with Jesus the Son in the Sun. I am looking forward to it.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

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