Blessed by Small Moments

Sunday Morning I woke up feeling fatigued which is normal in my life. I made myself get ready, so I could go to church. On such mornings it is a temptation to stay home all day in my sweat clothes and relax or just stay in bed.

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But I had a very important thing to do.

My young friend from Vietnam, who has come to my Sunday morning group since last summer, will move to Texas this Wednesday. Sunday morning was time to say goodbye. We prayed for her at the end and after we finished praying she cried. It was a poignant moment.

Then as I went to worship service, I saw my friends from Rwanda. I always enjoy greeting them in French and welcoming them. I like to joke with them by asking if they had any tests and if they did I congratulate them.

Before I went into worship service, a friend from Brazil introduced me to a new family from Brazil. We spoke in Portuguese which was fun. While we were talking, one of the pastors came by to introduce me to a woman from Mexico. I spoke with her in Spanish and shared with her about my Sunday morning class.

If I had given in to the fatigue and pain, I would have missed out on those wonderful moments. Moments of sharing Christ’s love with people from four different countries.

Small moments of blessing are too easily overlooked by us especially if we are only looking for the big moments.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

29 thoughts on “Blessed by Small Moments

  1. AMEN! Last Sunday was similar to me as well. Even more with my husband not feeling well, I had to convince not only myself but also for him to try to come with me.
    We met people who expressed how much they cared for us–especially in our current situation. It was comforting and glad we didnt miss that!

  2. The little things do mean a lot. I’m thankful you were able to make it to church big brother. Thanks also for your prayers. Work went well yesterday. I like it a lot so far.

  3. “Small moments of blessing are too easily overlooked by us especially if we are only looking for the big moments”. This is thought-provoking. There is so much joy in the seemingly little things of life. Meanwhile, I’m wowed by your ability to speak different languages – such a blessing.

  4. Smiles. True. The seemingly small blessings when we look at it closely it is in all a graceful one we can’t belittle the importance it holds in our life.

    Thank God for strength for you always big bro. 🤗

  5. I experienced that so much last year. A lot of times I didn’t want to go to church on Sunday, but once I was there I was glad I’d gone. Something about being in God’s house with God’s people, you know? It’s a thing you don’t want to miss out on.

  6. Your church must have a lot of multi-lingual people in it, and it is extraordinary that you can reach out to so many in their language! What beautiful way to make people feel at home! Your church needs YOU!

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