Big Plans Then A Thud

When people talk about weekend plans they usually say things like go to a movie, visit friends, go to the park, or other fun activities.

On Friday my plan was to write some on Saturday. My goal is to finish my book this month. Saturday started off well having coffee with a friend from Bosnia to help him with English. After we finished, I hung out for a while at the coffee shop.

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Then I came home and while checking my blog, an all too familiar feeling hit. Fatigue was setting in which is part of life with chronic illness. People with chronic illness never know when fatigue or other symptoms will decide to hit.

So I took a nap. Not a 20 or 30 minute nap. It was a five hour nap as in out like a light kind of nap.

So was the day a waste? No.

I had time with Jesus in the morning, met a friend for coffee and helped him, and caught up on my blog later in the day.

A key phrase that I learned when I prepared for my first ministry trip in Romania has std with me and helped me. The phrase is Be Flexible.

Being flexible in ministry with other cultures is essential because a person makes plans and realizes the plans have the change and one has to adapt and go with the flow.

Being flexible has helped me cope with living with chronic illness. If things don’t go the way I planned or hoped, it is okay. It just means I need to adjust and go with the flow.

So I may have seen my Saturday plan experience a THUD. It’s okay. It may also help that I like naps πŸ™‚

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

42 thoughts on “Big Plans Then A Thud

  1. Being flexible will help to alleviate a lot of stress, because when things don’t go as planned we will have a better attitude and just readjust our plans. Great post big brother! πŸ‘πŸΏ

  2. I learned long ago that fighting a fatigue flare was worse. Just like most people don’t understand what it is to experience that level of fatigue because of a chronic illness, they also don’t understand that taking that nap or a day to recoup isn’t giving in to it. Instead, it makes it possible to do more in between because we aren’t extending the flare or making it worse. Glad to know that you get how important being flexible with your plans is. Praying the week ahead is a productive one.

  3. I have experienced a lot of THUDs in my life………..I always wondered if God used those THUDs to protect me?! Hope today is treating you well. God bless you and your ministry to others.

  4. I’m learning to appreciate naps and to listen to my body when it says, pause and rejuvenate. I’m also learning to listen to His voice when life throws curveballs and interruptions present themselves.

  5. Smiles. I love naps too. πŸ€— I used to be a person hell bent on following through with plans. Until I learnt better last year, it was like all my plans just went bunkers. God used it to teach me a lesson to rest more on Him and trust. Now I just try to hold on to the good even in the seemingly not going according to plans day or situation. God is always good yeah!. So yes I’m resting too. 😁

  6. “If things don’t go the way I planned or hoped, it is okay. It just means I need to adjust and go with the flow”.πŸ‘Œ Things won’t always go as planned. One needs to learn how to adjust to the prevalent situation.

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