Friday Lunch with My Yazidi Friend

Last Friday a Yazidi friend of mine bought me lunch. We had a great time talking eating and good food.

I love hummus especially when it is freshly made in a restaurant. We also had kebab.

The kebab was awesome. I miss being able to eat the naan due to Celiacs. but kebab with salad is wonderful.

As we ate and talked, I wondered again about something that I have wondered about many times. My Yazidi friends are so friendly and generous. It is hard for me to understand people trying to kill them simply because they have a different religion.

I shared with my friend that as a Christian I like to share about the love of Jesus and if anyone does not agree with me they are still my friend. I shared that Jesus taught God is Love and that threatening people about differences in beliefs is not love.

Just a glimpse into my life with my refugee and immigrant friends on a rare double post day.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

19 thoughts on “Friday Lunch with My Yazidi Friend

  1. That hummus does looks delicious. Glad you had a nice time with your Yazidi friend. I used to go to this place called the Hummus Factory. They were from Israel. They made it fresh too. Simply delicious! 😋

  2. The food looks delicious!

    I love that you mentioned loving people of different religions. It’s great to share the love of Jesus but if someone doesn’t believe or agree with us we need to still be loving to them. Great reminder 😊

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