When Life Stands Still

In only a few hours my plans for the weekend and next week changed. My classes were canceled for next week. My church is closed for one week, so no worship service Sunday morning. Life has come to a stand still.

Photo by Dina Nasyrova on Pexels.com

In my lifetime, there has only been one time that life seemed to stand still. It was September 11th, 2001. But that had a short duration as the country began to come alive again.

This time it is different. The end is not clearly in sight. Is it only one week or will it stretch out longer? I do not know. However, there are a few things I can do.

There is something I can work on. I can finish my book based on the short story I wrote- Jessica’s Encounter at the Harbor Coffee Shop. It is about a victim of trafficking being freed and having an encounter with someone from the bible times.

There are worship song videos to be enjoyed that help me to be in the presence of Jesus. There are people to pray for.

Last night I bought dinner for two young people who volunteer in my citizenship class. They will be leaving my city to go home and finish their semesters online. It was a wonderful time of getting to know each other and sharing about Jesus. That will be my last social interaction for a week or so. That might drive the extrovert part of me crazy but as an ambivert hopefully the other side will kick in.

Thankfully I can stay connected with people through messaging and social media.

So here we are at a time that life stands still for many of us. What will you do?

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

35 thoughts on “When Life Stands Still

  1. I’m sorry to hear your church has been cancelled. Are they going to do anything online for you to be part of? We haven’t quite got to that stage yet but I’m sure it’s down the line 😦 We’re not a very technologically savvy church, but if it comes to it I might try and livestream something from my home!

  2. Wow, even your church closed down for a week.
    Our PM has advised that from Monday unnecessary gatherings of 500 people or more would be cancelled. And so it begins……😊 in my 66 years on this earth I have never experienced anything like this.

  3. Yes, it seems every generation experiences some sort of landmark event that interrupts life as we know it and makes everything that follows seem somehow different. For my father’s generation it was Kennedy’s assassination. For mine in was 9/11. And for my children it would seem to be COVID-19.

    It is during this time when the normal rhythm of life is suspended that we, as the church, have a unique and temporary opportunity to share the life and hope and love of the gospel to those who may be reeling, fearful, and possibly more open to the things of God and eternity.

    May we each redeem this time in a manner befitting our Lord and his grace and his excellency. God bless!

  4. My church is also closed. I am asking for prayers for all the Doctors, Nurses and hospital staff that are saving lives and working faithfully to fight this virus.

    1. I’m trying to become a nurse but my clinical is suspended because of COVID-19. They are short staffed but can’t take students because of policies and potential lawsuits. I wish I was working right now, and not stuck at home.

      1. I’m a returning student so I need to pass the last 3 semesters. This term was going well up until this point. Never in my life have I seen anything like this were the universities and schools shut down for weeks.

  5. You’re so good at handling sudden things. Not me! Whenever something changes, even if it’s something I want to change or if it will be a good thing I don’t make sense. When I should be excited I want to run the other way. Things have stood still for me for a LONG time, and now that I can see some things moving. My comfort zone is causing me serious discomfort.

  6. My classes were cancelled for the rest of the semester as of last night. Yesterday was my last clinical rotation which was so sad because we didn’t find this out until later that evening. Right now, I’m pretty much stuck in limbo and not sure where to turn. No labs on Monday so I can’t prepare for them. What I don’t understand is how retail stores continue to stay open when we come in contact with many people who could potentially be sick, and yet, the university shuts down. It’s a very difficult and confusing time for all of us.

    1. Hillary, my son has to leave university this week and finish his classes online. Sudden changes like this do make us feel like we’re in limbo. Praise God that we can ask Him to guide us through each step of the way, and He will! Hang in there! 🤗

  7. This is definitely a time we can be more focused on prayer, reflecting, and helping others when possible. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I’m sorry to hear that. This was a ploy of the enemy to get churches to shut their doors and disrupt people’s spiritual lives. The doors of my church will remain open unless we are forced to do so and even then my Apostle will preach come on line on the different social media platforms and our church’s website. I invite you to stream into to our services tomorrow at 10 am and 6 pm (central time), you can do so on Facebook live at Reflections of Christ Kingdom, YouTube or our website at http://www.therockwoi.com

  9. Yes, it is a hard time for many people who like to go out and party or just to be around other people. But, sometimes it is good to be by yourself to reflect on God.

    Last night, I was watching Youtube with a lady who was locked down in Wuhan. She was visitng her family when she got caught up with the virus situation. She showed the things they had to do daily to keep themselves from catching the disease. They have to use a stick to press elevator button. Their supplies are placed at their mail boxes. No body come in contact with each other. This has been happening for about 2 weeks now. I am praying that this disease will be controlled.

  10. I’m an ambivert, too!
    It’s a strange feeling to go grocery shopping and see so many empty shelves, and even though I tend to try to avoid traffic as much as I can, it’s very strange to see such light traffic at times when it normally would be heavier traffic. It feels very similar to having culture shock.

  11. In central Ohio, church services have moved exclusively to live streaming. Other than making quick and cautious trips for groceries (and being patient with shortages) and taking walks, I have been disciplined in staying home. My wife and I want to be safe and healthy for each other.

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