Blogging Interaction Idea

I had an idea on how to interact during this time. For quite some time I have thought it would be fun to have a bloggers meeting. I have been teaching classes online using Zoom. I have a Zoom Pro Account to do so.

So here is my idea- I could host a series of Zoom meetings for bloggers to have a meeting. All you would need is to set up a Zoom account and all you would need is your email address and to make a password for Zoom. The meetings will be free for you since I will host.

If you would like to partake of a Zoom meeting, let me know. The first ones I will reserve for people who interact with me a lot on my blog or me on their blog via comments.

Please let me know if you are interested. If you are, I will ask for an email address to send a meeting number to you. But don’t share it with me in your first comment.

Hope to hear from you.

God Bless.

59 thoughts on “Blogging Interaction Idea

  1. I prefer not to use the video feature on Zoom unless I have to use it. I use Zoom often for school-related purposes. If you don’t mind me listening in, I’m cool with that. Where I live we use Mountain Time.

  2. Oh this sounds so fun brother Matt 🙂 ….but I am tied with indoor jobs for a while….would love to join in later after 10 days or 2 weeks maybe, if you’ll give me a slot 🙂

  3. It’s a lovely idea! I am interested, if I can manage it. Evenings are best for me as well, but there are those random times I drift off unexpectedly on the couch. Also, I would likely be a bit tongue-tied, to be honest. Expressing myself through written word is so much easier for me than actual speaking. Still, it would be such a nice thing to connect with you all that way.☺

  4. Hi Matt. This sounds like a great idea. Our church had Sunday meeting on zoom. It was a bit challenging at first but it went well. You could make it more like a prayer and encouraging session. You can let me know when you organised it.

  5. This is such a great way to interact with your followers! Unfortunately I’m crazy busy with school work at the moment but if you’re still doing this after I’m done with the semester I will definitely let you know as I would love to join in!

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