God Whispers to Us

My morning class began Spring Break March 8th. During the break I thought about getting a haircut and beard trim. I ignored the thought and focused on relaxing, blogging, and writing. If I had paid attention to that thought and gone that week, I would not look like this right now.

It was the following week that shops closed down due to the COVID-19 virus.

God often speaks in a quiet voice just as he did with Elijah. In 1 Kings 19 we read about God demonstrating his power through strong wind and fire etc, but when he spoke to Elijah it says:

“After the earthquake came a fire, but the Lord was not in the fire. And after the fire came a gentle whisper”

My pastor shared in an online devotional yesterday that when we whisper, we have to be close enough for the person to hear. God wants us so close to him that he can whisper to us. He desires intimate relationship with his children.

During this time of staying home and self isolating, I want to hear God whisper to me.

Let’s not ignore the subtle thoughts like I did when I did not go get my haircut and beard trimmed and ended up four weeks later looking like I do now. Let’s listen to God whisper to us.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

43 thoughts on “God Whispers to Us

  1. Though you do look great my brother. He does make all things new. Stay blest. And yet, a thought provoking post. I had this urge to go get some extra provisions for home, and ignored the prompt. After that all hell broke loose here. Ofcourse, God has provided, but your post reminded me of that.

  2. Yasss!!! I know that voice and I also ignored it. 😬 I needed a haircut, a dental cleaning and I was supposed to go see a specialist as well as other medical things I put off.

    My dad called me on Sunday and he had a crown come off. I told him I can call his dentists office (dentist are supposed to be doing emergency only appointments), but he doesn’t want to risk going to the dentist right now. Oh goodness.

    Anytime I feel sorry for myself, I remember that it could always be worse. A crown could fall off! Yikes. 😭

    What happened with your doctor visits? You were going to be having test done I thought.

    1. I saw one specialist and need to see another, but need to go back to GP first. I will wait until this virus thing has calmed down. I don’t want to be in a doctors office right now

      1. Yeah, I don’t blame you. 😓 Too many germs. It’s not worth it.

        I’m waiting on all my medical stuff and I’m praying no one gets sick, has an emergency or gets in an accident. I keep thinking, “If I can just make it until this calms down…” 😬 I have health anxiety and I’m amazed by how powerful the mind is. 😂

      2. We are hanging in there. Still have toilet paper and plenty of food. I’ve been sharing what I have with family. I’m getting what I can, but it’s not easy to find everything they need/want. I try to explain that the shelves are empty and you never know what they have. Like you might get pasta sauce and no pasta. Just have to keep trying. It’s so weird and people just do not seem to be able to comprehend it without seeing it for themselves.

        What amazes me is what you cannot find. For instance, I ordered deodorant and they were out. Deodorant? Wow. First it was the toilet paper, hand soap, bleach, and disinfectant wipes. Then it was food, household cleaners, tissues, napkins, and dish soap. Its like dominoes… I don’t know what is next and I have no idea what to buy extra of before it sells out. 😀 This is crazy.

        I’m so thankful when I do score something someone wanted. I tell you what, if we come through this, I don’t think I’ll ever complain again about having to go to the store!

        I was listening to a guy on Youtube and he was talking about how people were not into God, they would go to church, but they weren’t into God like they should be. He was saying that we need to be getting close to God during this time. I know I have been watching so much preaching and I got a new bible (the passion translation) that I had been wanting for awhile. I’m going to start a bible study with two other people.

        My mom called me tonight to thank me for all of the groceries and supplies. We hadn’t talked for over a year. I’m learning how to handle people better and not let things bother me like they used to. I also have boundaries and I am no longer afraid to enforce them. One of the books you suggested should be here soon (Released from Shame: Recovery for Adult Children of Dysfunctional Families). I am anxious to read it.

        How are you doing? Are you on lockdown to? Got plenty of toilet paper and food?

      3. Here we are self isolating not a total lockdown yet but we don’t have as severe problems with the virus as other places do. I am doing okay mostly bored at time. Friends bring me food 🙂

        I am so glad you are enforcing boundaries. Remember you are a child of the Most High God. 🙂 I am glad you ordered the book.

        I am hosting a bloggers meeting on Zoom Thursday at 7pm CST. If you want to join it you can send me an email at chatwithjesusluvsall@gmail.com and I will reply with the meeting number

  3. Matt, I appreciate the thoughtful reminder. Being in isolation nearly 24/7 leaves time to just meditate on God’s Word. I am keeping my beard trimmed, but the lack of haircut could be an adventure in a few weeks. I was fortunate to get a haircut right before the shops closed in Ohio.

  4. “So close that we can hear Him whisper.” I love that, too, and had never thought of in that way. The Lord has brought Psalm 91:1 to my attention constantly. “Those who live in the shelter of the Most High will find rest in the shadow of the Almighty.” You have to be very close to someone to “find rest in their shadow.” A good reminder to stay close to the Lord and find rest in Him, especially in these trying times. Be still, so we can hear His whisper. Thank You for sharing, brother. God bless you.

  5. That’s a beautiful analogy from the devotional. We need to be close enough to the heart of God that we can hear His whispers. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Yes bro. Such a great analogy he used. Also when someone wants to whisper it means it’s for one’s ears alone and that he or she trusts the other party to do right with the information being said.
    May we obey His prompting more than we have ever done. Amen. 🙂

      1. Hey we’re doing really good! Finally got the knack of online school!! Yaaa! We were enjoying beautiful weather in the 70s the past few days and now today we’re looking at a high of 36! Brrrr!
        Happy Easter to you!!

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