How 1 High Senior Celebrated During This Time

I teach my classes online from home. While I teach, I only need to wear a decent shirt, but can wear sweatpants and no socks because my students only see me from the shoulders up. I can take naps between classes if I want to. People bring me food, so I do not need to go shopping. Sounds like nice lazy way of life, not suffering.

But there has been a huge change in life for all of us and those changes have meant loss. Losses such as loss of income, loss of companionship with others, loss of daily routines are what we are dealing with.

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For Seniors in high school in the U.S., the COVID-19 virus hit in the middle of their special year. It has meant no Senior Prom, no sporting events, and delayed graduation ceremonies. In the U.S. high school graduation is a big thing for the whole family because it can often mean a few months later the graduating teen will move to a different state to go to college or university, so graduation parties are a big deal for the family as well as the graduating teen.

One blogger I follow is Lydia. She is graduating this year. She is not certain if there will be a graduation ceremony and most likely there won’t be a graduation party because of COVID-19. Lydia shared a post of what she and her sisters did. You can read it by clicking on- Instead of My Graduation. Treat yourself to checking out her post and blog.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

21 thoughts on “How 1 High Senior Celebrated During This Time

  1. I’ve thought about this very thing a loooooot!!! I can’t imagine, seniors can be selfish people (I can say that because I was one) but honestly I truly feel for them at this time…over my way I’ve heard it’s been harder on the parents rather than the senior interestingly!…I’ll have to go check out Lydia’s post!!

  2. The pandemic has hit hard – so many people dying, suffering. With respect to graduations being delayed, there are of course those who were expecting to be ordained in the summer, who may well now have to wait. So many people being affected.

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