Saturday- Signs of Life

It has been a few months of staying at home, shutdowns, wondering when life might begin the return. It is interesting how simple things of a few months ago mean so much now.

After enjoying time with fellow bloggers in a blogger chat, I went to my favorite Organic/Natural Foods Store. I actually saw one of the deli workers I used to tell my jokes to. I told her a joke and we talked for a few minutes. Such a simple little thing as telling a joke and chatting with someone has a different meaning now. It is LIFE again.

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I stopped at the coffee shop next to that store to get a coffee. I didn’t need the coffee but a chance to talk with people in person is golden these days. BONUS- I saw the young woman I want to be my assistant for my morning class in the fall. I had lost track of her, but now that the coffee shop is open for to go orders, I was able to see her. I let her know I had not forgotten about her and still want her to be my assistant.

On my way home, I stopped at a market close to me. I saw a few workers I used to tell jokes to and, yes, I told each of them a joke.

My pastor messaged me back about meeting on Zoom. I will be working on a mini project of putting into writing what I have done in my Sunday morning group each year. We go through John in the bible. I will present to him and he will give me feedback.

Signs of life yesterday were a blessing. My morning class is on break for a few weeks, so I want to get back to writing my book.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

37 thoughts on “Saturday- Signs of Life

  1. That’s awesome. I totally know what you mean! As things are getting back to normal, I notice things and are thankful for things I never noticed before.

      1. Good but a simple kitchen project we were working on turned into bigger ideas and not we have quite a chore to finish!!πŸ€ͺI’ll have to blog about it!

  2. It’s good to get out and run into people. ☺ Glad you enjoyed that and that you’re still telling jokes! ☺

  3. I’m glad you were able to have some real life interaction! I don’t mind staying in most of the time but sometimes I really miss going out and talking to people.

      1. I saw them on my birthday but that’s the last time. Luckily I have my sister so I’m not completely alone.

  4. I am happy for you big brother that you were able to tell your jokes again. I know how important it is to you to interact with people in the flesh. God never intended for us to isolate ourselves from each other. It is all a plot of the enemy.

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