Saturday Smiles

During spring break for my morning classes, the second week of March, I had the thought that maybe I should get a haircut. I dismissed it and decided to wait another week.

Well then the shutdown happened. I could not go anywhere for a haircut. Now I really need one. I was planning to get one this weekend now that the barbershops are open again, but then my doctor had me get tested for COVID-19, which is really only a precaution, and now I have to stay home until the results come back negative which I certain they will.

Why is this an issue? I usually keep my hair short enough that I never need a comb. In fact, I do not have a comb. I have not used one in years.

So what is a boy to do? Entertain myself of course. Besides taking silly pictures of my out of control hair, I got a book from Amazon that I plan to read.

It should be a fun book to read. Perhaps you are thinking I have gone stir crazy. Maybe so, but I want to have a little fun.

This morning I will have blogger chat on Zoom. Maybe I won’t wear my cap to hide my out of control hair. If I get the test results, I will go to my favorite markets and tell some jokes.

Yes my morning will begin will prayer and listening to worship music. Yes I will ask Jesus to bless my interactions with others.

I should be back to my serious self for posting tomorrow, MAYBE.

Thank you for reading. God Bless. 🙂

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26 thoughts on “Saturday Smiles

  1. Someone I know shaved his hair at the start of the lockdown here…which was 2 months ago. Wore a cap through it and it grew back in 1.5 month. Then got it chopped from his wife at home who watched a few youtube videos ….but it’s not as easy as they make it seem….maybe a side parting will make it look neater…..and I’m so certain you are negative. When are the test reports expected?
    Take care and….Jesus loves you brother Matt 🌈🕊🙏✝️🛐😀🤗

      1. So I guess you’re gonna rock the disheveled look a few more days then 😃
        I’m great brother Matt…..all by the grace of God

  2. Lol… no I don’t think you have gone stir crazy. That book looks fun. 😃 Your photo made me chuckle too. Thanks for the smiles and laughter.

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