Saturday Smile- The DOCTOR???

I had a doctor’s appointment to go over the results of the blood test I didn’t study for last week. I was planning on canceling, but my little sister in Jesus Deandra kept pestering me about going, so I went. We can blame this post on her πŸ™‚

Going over the results was okay but then disaster hit. He asked me the question I was hoping to avoid. He asked me about my knee.

and yes I know by looking at the picture I STILL need a haircut, but digress

Doctors are pesky. He had me have an X-ray of my knee. I probably should not have overplayed my excuse for not exercising being that my knees hurts which it does- ALOT.

After the X-ray it got worse. He told it is real bad- bone on bone. He told the only thing to take care of it is a new knee. He told me I needed an injection.

I told I was concerned I might kick him by accident. The nurse came in and I told her it was her job to hold my leg so I didn’t kick the doctor. We all laughed. He did the injection.

I totally took like a man. No reaction at all. πŸ™‚

Actually it did not hurt but it was fun the take the pictures before the injection. I did take a picture of the injection itself. If you want to see it, let me know. haha

The nurse said, “good you didn’t kick him but he would have forgiven him.”

I replied, “Yes he is a good Christian doctor. He would have forgiven me.” It is true that he is a strong Christian. He has served as a medical missionary.

So visit Deandra’s blog and let her know this post is ALL her fault πŸ™‚ The link is

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

50 thoughts on “Saturday Smile- The DOCTOR???

  1. That totally sounds like Deandra to force that open you.
    You’re better than me because I would kick whoever was doing it. I say things like that ALL the time for anything involving needles!
    How dare you mention getting a picture of the injection!!!!

  2. My sympathies. I had the injection in both knees. They eventually helped, but it took a week. I hope you find some relief. You’ll be in my prayers. Mary

  3. I’m glad you went, no fun but hopefully the injection will help!! Love those photos too …but it’s a no on the needle photo for me!!!!

  4. That Deandra! Someone needs to give her a stern talking to for sure.

    My mom struggles with her knee a lot and have been avoiding getting the cortisone shot. I shall use your act of bravery to encourage her to do so ❀️

  5. Sorry about your knee. I hope the medication help to ease the pain. I pray that Lord will heal your knees so that you do not need a knee replacement.

  6. Lol… ya right, you wanted to kick him on purpose. I think it’s funny when you keep telling the same joke. (The blood test.) Andrew does that too, until he has done it one too many times and I tell him to stop it. Lol. Andrew has that bone on bone problem in his knee too. πŸ˜• Not fun. Sorry to hear about your knee problems.

  7. Smiles. Geez! You are hilarious big bro.
    Glad the injection went well without any kicking. 😁
    I don’t think I wouldn’t have. I don’t like injections too. I could cry just seeing it. πŸ˜€
    And thanks to “Dee” for the morale boost and follow up. 😊

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