Blogger Chat- Temi’s Incredible Story and An Announcement

This morning in our blogger chat in Zoom, Temi shared about her incredible story. Temi immigrated to the USA from Nigeria. I was so impressed by her story that I told I want to adopt her. I am SO proud of her.

If you would like to participate in future Blogger Chats, please leave a comment.

Temi’s blog is Christian Mommas at

Temi has written a book- A Christian Mother’s Creed.

I have decided to continue my series Let Their Voices Be Heard on Fridays. I have a few more Fridays with Pastor Kevin. I am excited that Temi has agreed to be the next person in Let Their Voices Be Heard. I am convinced you will be inspired by her life story.

30 thoughts on “Blogger Chat- Temi’s Incredible Story and An Announcement

  1. I am sorry that I missed the blog chat. After our early morning church prayer meeting, I usually return to sleep. I would love to hear about Temi’s amazing story. I am sure it is inspiring.

  2. She’s amazing, so filled with wisdom and sweetness…I received her book through a blog post that she wrote… I’m trying to finish a few other books and then I’ll start hers but I cracked it open when it first arrived and from what I’ve seen so far it’s definitely a good one!

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