Saturday Smile- Tattoos?

Yesterday I stopped in my neighborhood market to buy a few things. The cashier was a teenage girl who had just dyed her hair pink since the last time I saw her a few days ago.

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I complimented her on her hair and told her I dye my beard and some of my hair white to look older because I am a professor and want to look older and distinguished. She did not believe me for some reason.

It got me to thinking about how much culture has changed in my lifetime. When I was a teen and in my twenties, the only people who had tattoos were in one of three groups- biker gang, ex-cons who got the tattoo in prison, or low rank military.

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I’ll never forget the first times I saw young women with tattoos of a flower or dolphin on their shoulder when I went to the gym in the 1990s. At first I tried to figure out which of the three groups they were in until I realized it had become normal to have a tattoo.

Now tattoos are referred to as body art. I do not have a tattoo but that is mostly because I do not want to inflict pain on myself that I do not need to because I live with pain all of the time. I also do not like needles. I would probably also look a bit silly being an overweight old guy thus a tattoo would not look good on me.

I also will not dye my hair pink but I digress.

The benefit for me of interacting with so many different cultures is that it has taught me to not look at outward appearances. God does not look on outward appearances. He looks at the heart of the person. I try to follow God’s example.

So pink is out. No way pink for me. But if I were to dye my hair, which color do you suggest?

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

30 thoughts on “Saturday Smile- Tattoos?

  1. I didn’t see the comment above… but as soon as I finished reading, I also thought blue 😉

    I also have no tattoo’s – personal choice. I have no desire to get one. I don’t know why… I have no reason… I just don’t.
    Most of the people I know have tattoo’s. And they look great. But they’re just not for me.

    But I have had my hair with patches of green, and purple, in the past 😉

  2. This made me smile…and I could totally see you with blue hair!!

    I need to write a post on tattoos…I’ve entertained that thought for a while now…

  3. I just could never bring myself to get a tattoo for basically the same reasons. I’ve posted a blog post on tattoos before. Just some thoughts.

    Black or blue, I’d say as well.

  4. I remember when I got my tattoo- I was so excited about it and I honestly still am. Also I would suggest blue- I just feel like you would look good with blue hair!

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