Story Time- Mistaking Borsch for Salsa

I love spending time with my Ukrainian friends. I have not done so much for quite a while because their church is thriving and my attention has been focused more on those who need me most.

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I will never forget when I joined my Ukrainian friends for a potluck dinner at their church several years ago. Many of my students were there. We were happy to see each other.

As I was going through the line for food, I saw something I thought was salsa. I should mention I LOVE salsa. But I did not see anything to put the salsa on. However, I saw some mashed potatoes next to the salsa, so I put some mashed potatoes on my plate and then poured the salsa on it.

A few of my students looked on with their eyes getting big with surprise. They said- “No teacher. That is borsch.” I asked what borsch is. They told me it is soup.

It was too late to change it, so I pressed on and sat down at the table with some friends. They watched smiling and laughing as I ate the mashed potatoes with borsch. (By the way borsch is a soup made of beets.) It tasted pretty good. I laughed with them and made it a bit of a comedy routine. I wanted to get more mashed potatoes with borsch because it tasted good and also because the comedian in me wanted to play to my audience, but the borsch was gone.

Sometimes we get so serious and somber, There are times that is appropriate. But laughter is a gift from God. Psalm 126 says:

When the Lord restored the fortunes of Zion,
    we were like those who dreamed.
 Our mouths were filled with laughter,
    our tongues with songs of joy.

There are times when God is in our midst that joy and laughter are very appropriate. I think perhaps I add the the cause of them at times.

Thank you for reading. God Bless.

26 thoughts on “Story Time- Mistaking Borsch for Salsa

  1. Smiles. I was expecting it to be a weird combo since you went for something else. 😀
    But good to know you loved it and it tasted good. 🙂
    Laughter is good. And His joy in us is our strength. 💃

  2. borsch is excellent, I have a friend who likes to make it and share it with us! Great story!

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