My Summer Teaching Brazilians in Canada

One dream summer for me would be to drive across Canada. There is so much to see there in nature and in urban settings. This summer I will be teaching English for Brazilians living in Winnipeg Canada. Unfortunately due to COVID-19, the lessons will be via Zoom not in person.

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Brazilians are so much fun for me to interact with. I studied Portuguese for one year just so I could interact better with my Brazilian friends. One such friend lived in my city while she and her husband were both working on their Masters Degrees. They now live in Winnipeg where the husband is working on his Phd.

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They have Brazilian friends there who expressed interest in English class. My friend told them about me, so this week we will begin lessons.

I looked it up on Google Maps and found out Winnipeg is only a 10 drive from my city. If the COVID-19 thing clears up by next summer, I plan to drive up there. Perhaps that will be the beginning of a dream summer for me.

It is exciting for me to see how God fits things together for us. He connects dots for us to complete the big picture. When I first me my friends when they lived in my city, I had no idea it would lead to teaching their friends in Winnipeg. Jesus knows our future because he is eternal. He does not have the boundaries of time.

Thank you for reading, God Bless.

25 thoughts on “My Summer Teaching Brazilians in Canada

  1. This sounds like an amazing thing to experience! The pandemic has made things very difficult but I hope you have an incredible summer.

  2. Winnipeg is an amazing city. I’m sure that your friends are enjoying it there.
    It is always interesting to read about your multicultural experiences, Matt. πŸ€—

  3. I hope you get to make your trip next summer πŸ€—. Life is no coincidence. God always seems to line thinks up perfectly even if I don’t see it in the moment ❀️.

      1. No way! I’ll save that for you big brother. I stayed safe on land. I watched the people on that boat with raincoats on lol.

  4. Wow. This really encouraged me big bro. God is indeed working all things together for our good. He knows how to fit our life to a perfect good!.
    Looking forward to pictures when you are able to. πŸ’ƒ

  5. Matt, you have much to look forward to with a trip to Winnipeg. Just as you are waiting with anticipation to travel again, I am looking forward to an eventual trip back to Montana.

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